Olivia Black's Must-Haves for Fall 2014

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Many of you may remember that I have already done two interviews with Miss Olivia Black. When I first started talking to her she was on the History Channels Pawn Stars. However, over the past few years I have gotten to know her and talk with her as she makes her journey into new and exciting adventures.  She was kind enough to chat with me about her Must Have's for Fall 2014.

1.What is you skincare routine like for the Fall?
I do the same things all year for my skin...
Pure Organic Coconut Oil to wash my face and body....never anything else
Tea Tree Oil if my break outs come back (it's always sad when they do for all of us!)
Eucerin Q10 anti-wrinkle cream on my face
Frank Body Scrub for exfoliation
Baking Soda and water for a facial scrub
Almond Oil (applied just after bathing but prior to stepping out of the shower) I infuse it will pure lavender oil before I begin using it
Everyday Coconut Super Hydrating Body Lotion (I only dry my hands and face after bathing, then I apply lotion over the oil I have just applied in the shower
100% African Shea Butter on my hands and feet (after every shower, before bed, and when ever I feel dry)

What is your must have for Fall beauty and makeup?(fave shade,look,color,brand,haircare)?
I usually stay in the neutral realm of things when it comes to my makeup, no matter the time of year. hahah Sometimes I will add an accent of a jeweled tone in December months, or oranges, greens, and other like colors near November. I am a fall baby and just love the changing leaf colors, even if I live in the desert now haha. I always use the same hair spray, Abba Firm Finish Hair Spray; I just love the smell, it last a long time so paying the $20 for it isn't out landish, and its Vegan! On occasion I need a pomade, so I use Suavecito Pomade, it as well smells great, and it's not too greasy or heavy; but remember, just as with any product......build! Don't take a handful and expect it to not be heavy haha

3.What is your favorite food/beverage for fall season?
I love anything PUMPKIN!!!! I am a fall baby and just love everything that goes into it. The colors, the smell, the cold, the food.....all of it!

4. What is your favorite fall accessory?
Scarves and sweaters!! Can I have two??? I love bundling up! Blankets, sweaters, scarves, layers, its all so fun!!!!

5.What is your favorite fall trend? (I know you are in Vegas so not sure how much the weather changes hehe)
Layers, lots and lots of layers. It does get cold here and it rips right down to the bone. I begin layering probably a little too soon...but I don't care...I am hoping my enthusiasm brings the cold haha

6. Is there a book or a movie you have to read/watch in the Fall?(I read the Harry Potter books starting in the fall)
I have been reading Kafka on the Shore.....I can see the cozy days reading over tea in my future!!!!

7.What have you been up to lately? What can we expect to see from you? If you come to TN let's meetup and talk makeup!
I am now a co-host on the Diamond Lou radio show on xxxpornstarradio.com The show is from 6:15 - 8:15 PST, it is porn star radio....so if you don't like raunchy adult topics.....it's not for you (fair warning) haha
I am working with SuicideGirls.com on an event here in Vegas, hopefully a birthday celebration for me, as well as an open casting for SG Hopefuls!
I also have a new Suicide Girls set coming out in mid September!
Hopefully I will be traveling more in the near future! I would love to chat makeup with you!!!!

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*All photos were used with permission of Olivia Black. They were taken from her Facebook & Instagram accounts to use for the purpose of this interview.I am not Olivia Black, or claim any of these photos as my own. No copyright is intended, for entertainment purposes only.

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