Against the Grain Pet Food-A Review

by - 6:44 PM

Against the Grain 100% Beef (one ingredient nothing else) 
$32 for a case of 12 cans online here!

I have been fortunate enough to work with this amazing brand before, and my dogs are even happier about it. My husband and I usually cook the dogs food but from time to time we still give them canned dog food. We are always looking at labels and reading what is best for our 2 doggos. I love that Against the Grain contains no less than 85% mean in their products. They are not carbohydrate based, they use quality meats.

This is a food that I put down, and my dogs lick the plate clean. They are usually iffy about food in gravy but they enjoyed it to the last bite. If you are looking for a canned dog food that you can feel good giving to your dogs try this loaf in gravy from Against the Grain!

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