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When I started my blog almost 14yrs ago I had no idea what PR,gifted,sponsored,tiktok shop,AD even meant. I started my blog to share my love of makeup and my passion with my friends and family. I was lucky enough to have met some amazing women that started a Facebook group and we supported each other on a daily basis. Sure there were creators that took off and got super popular but we all managed to get PR and be happy for each other.

When brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tatcha,IT Cosmetics and others reached out to me wanting to send me product I didn't even understand what that meant but I was excited. We always made sure to disclose free product but it never occurred to me to lie. I always have been and always will be honest in my reviews. As social media continues to grow, so do the amount of people willing to log on everyday and lie to sell you a product. It's on all social media Instagram isn't the only guilty party in promoting those who buy followers and pay for reels views. Brands don't do the research they just see a number and send them product which only feeds their desire to continue these bad behaviors.

I stopped blogging because I was focusing on my other blooming social media channels but this blog still manages to bring me in a lot of views every month even with my lack luster approach. However, I will be going old school and posting here and on IG more than any other social media accounts for the time being. TIKTOK doesn't understand I don't want the snail mucin or the spin curl every other video (if you know you know lol). This doesn't mean I am quitting those channels but the main focus will be here. I want to find that passion I had in 2010 when I was naive and just happy to be here. It wasn't a constant reminder of all the products I didn't have and how successful everyone else is.

I hope you enjoy blog posts, and take the time during your day to read my blogs. If not all of my socials are linked and I would appreciate you checking me out there for the instances I feel like posting there as well.

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