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Friday, April 17, 2015

Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Setting Spray

Fast & Fabulous Setting Spray can be found at Walmart and $6.00 2.2 fl oz

A few weeks ago I was shopping on because I truly hate going into the store. Plus I am lazy, and I can always find more stuff on their website than I ever would in store. So browsing the makeup section I saw this new makeup setting spray from Hard Candy. I added it to my cart, and I have been trying it out over the past few weeks.

In case you aren't aware my skin is oily,sensitive and acne prone (jealous?). I did my makeup as I normally would and sprayed my face with this Hard Candy setting spray. It claims to last all day and night in any kind of weather. My first time using it, I noticed my foundation had separated pretty bad. I also felt that my skin was greasier than normal, but it was a humid rainy day so I tried it again. 

I hate to report that over the next several uses the outcome was pretty much the same. My makeup was breaking apart and not setting. I was much shinier and had more of a grease to my skin than I normally would. After the second time of using it I also noticed some little zits around my mouth where the foundation was setting in my smile lines. I have quit using it, and plan on letting someone else give it a try.

My friend has normal skin, she doesn't wear makeup because she has great skin. So I will let her try it out and see if it works for her on those nights she likes to get dolled up. I think it will work better for someone who is dry,or normal but you can't be the slight bit oily or it's going to increase that situation. It did nothing for me,and I hate that because I loved the price tag. 

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative try the Elf Mist and Set for $3 it is still a favorite of mine!

Bought with my husbands money :)
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I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x-Unboxing

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I was one of the bloggers that was selected to review the new Tria Beauty Hair Remover Laser 4x. I am so excited to share my journey with you over the next 3 months! If you want to know a little bit about the product this is what their claim is. This is also what I will be testing for as I use it on my 3 month journey!

What they claim:
After three months of treatment, hair follicles that have been deactivated by the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X will no longer grow hair. Continue to use the Tria Laser 4X as necessary for touch-ups until your skin is smooth and you're free of the endless hassles of shaving and waxing.

I did a little research and tried to find out how much laser hair removal is in my area. I called 3 places in my area that offer laser hair removal. Two places would not quote me a price over the phone, I had to come in for a consultation first. The third place told me they had a 60% off sale right now and for small areas (arm pits with light hair) and 3 treatments would cost $300 which was with the deal and they told me they had a credit card I could apply for if I needed it.

The Tria Beauty 4x, is pricey upfront $495.00 however you will use it once a week,every week for 3 months and as needed for touch ups after that.I will be using it once a week,every other week because of my light skin and hair. So you can already see the type of money you are saving, and you get to use it in the comfort of your own home.  Plus with these cute shades they look nice sitting out in your bathroom on display.

If you are curious I was sent the Turquoise shade, and I am in love!

My YouTube video with details about my journey,up close look at the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x!

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Join me on my Tria Beauty Hair Removal Journey!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

City Color Be Matte Lipsticks Review

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city color be matte lipsticks

There are 36 shade options so there really is a shade for everyone. You know I have to have all things pink, and in every shade of pink. The baby pink is the perfect baby doll pink shade, and ultra pink is the fuchsia bright pink. 

The good: They are beautiful shades, and long lasting. They fade very little throughout the day and your lips will be stained until you use makeup remover to take them off. From the swatches that you see on the back of my hand, I did dishes and washed my hands and they still stained my skin. 

The bad: They are very matte, and if you have dry lips they will only make it worse. When I got these over a month ago my lips were still dry from the cold weather. However, I have been moisturizing and I must say they work so much better.I love the way they look, but you must exfoliate and make sure your lips are moisturized before using. I find that to be an issue with a lot of matte lipsticks they are so matte they are drying. I use a chapstick first, and then apply these lipsticks and they are still matte and long lasting just not drying.

Have you tried these lipsticks out?
Do you like Matte lipsticks?

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Tarte Poppy Picnic Palette Review

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tarte poppy picnic palette
 Poppy Picnic palette is $38.00 at Ulta and Sephora (online and in store)

tarte poppy picnic palette
tarte poppy picnic palette
 If you have the Tartlette palette you will love this Poppy Picnic palette. The shadows are the same consistency,they are very pigmented and wearable. Such a beautiful shadow palette for anytime of the year, however the beautiful pink and coral case just says Spring. I love the usability of this palette, with matte shadows,and a nice array of colors. The Glisten blush is the perfect punch of pink/coral with shimmer. Glisten is in their permanent line, so if you fall in love you can pick it up separately.

tarte poppy picnic palette

These are all matte neutral shades so I think you everyone will find this palette to be something they can reach for all year round. I never knew how much I loved matte shadows until getting Tartelette and now Poppy Picnic. I love the addition of the blush so you can just take this palette with you, especially when you travel it's all in one. 

Have you tried this palette yet? Be sure to grab it while Ulta and Sephora are having their sales!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pacifica Gossimer Wings Eye Shadow Palette

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pacifica gossimer wings palette
This palette is $11.99 Exclusively at Target and

pacifica gossimer wings palette
 These Iridescent shadows are coconut infused and go on so smooth and beautifully.
pacifica gossimer wings palette

I know a lot of people see blue shadow and get scared. I however see blue shadow and often find myself asking is this bright enough blue. When I got this palette I knew that it was going to be something that would work for everyone. You get the beautiful blue but without the overwhelming "Look at my blue eye shadow" eye look.

These are iridescent shadows but they do not lack in color payoff. This has been such a great palette for me to use when I am going to school. I can pick a shadow, and just go without looking like I have so much makeup on I still have a beautiful eye look. That bronze shadow is just perfection and will be amazing when I get a little sun on my skin.

This palette is beautiful and if you know someone who loves makeup but just doesn't love bright colors this is the palette for them. You also are helping an amazing natural brand like Pacifica and I always love to support a Cruelty Free brand.  You can shop with a clean conscious with Pacifica. 

Have you tried out this palette yet? If you do please let me know, I absolutely adore it!

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This is my honest review, I love Pacifica!
Check them out at
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