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Monday, July 6, 2015

Wet n Wild Nude Lip Must Haves

Wet n Wild Nude Lip Must Haves
Each of these were $3.49 at my local Walgreen's
Wet n Wild Nude Lip Must Haves

Velvet Matte Lip Color in -Trenscendence
Fergie Vicious Varnish Lip stain -Giving Realness
                     Fergie Vicious Varnish Lip stain  -Legendary Face

Although these may not be new to the brand, they are new to me. I was shopping in Walgreen's one day and saw the display with all their nude lipsticks,glosses and stains on it. I immediately was drawn to these 3 lip products and wanted to share them with you.

Velvet Matte Lip Color- I love this shade,it is a the perfect fleshy nude for my lips. I find it to be long lasting, and not drying at all. 

Fergie Vicious Varnish Lip stain-These are beautiful shades as well, and I am impressed by their staying power. I was also impressed by the color payoff. 

Over the weekend I totally cheated and used my lip stain over the matte lip color. I just love the colors mixed together, and that has been a go to look for me.

Stay tuned later this week I will have a full face, drugstore natural look tutorial to share with you!

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Friday, July 3, 2015

4th of July Beauty Guide

We all know that sun protection is important, but when we are attending a cookout,going to a friends house we forget about the sun. Just because you aren't on the lake, or beach doesn't mean you aren't experiencing the damage of the sun. These are a few of my favorite sunscreens that I have been using over the past few months.

Don't forget to apply the top of your ears,back of your hands and the top of your feet especially if you are wearing sandals. These are some of the places we forget and get the most burnt.

MyChelle Sun Shield Coconut Spf 28-$17 at
Sun Bum SPF 70 (water resistant for 80minutes)-$7.99 at

Coola Cucumber Face SPF 30-$32 at

Jurlique After Sun Replenishing Lotion-$36 at

 These are just some great items in general, however I thought even better for your Fourth of July beauty needs. This Nair is amazing because it just sprays on, similar to the popular spray on lotions. You leave it on, and then hop in the shower and rinse it off. I have used this for years and it works so great. I recommend this for your vacations,weekend getaways or anytime you are going to be showing skin that you might have not gotten the closest shave!

I love the idea of this Hair Lightening Gelee because I grew up using Sun In and loved it. This works in the same way only it is a gel like substance. You can put all over your hair, just for an ombre or highlights. You can put it on while you set out by the pool,by the lake and read a book. Then hop in the shower and rinse it off. The sun or heat (hairdryer) will activate it and make it lighter for that sun kissed highlight look.

I love not having to worry about deodorant when using this Dove 48hr. This is great to toss in your bag, and go. You can apply this before the big event, and not worry that the heat of the day will get to you. It is long lasting, and I like this original scent because it like you aren't wearing anything. It just does it's job and doesn't interfere with your perfumes or body lotions.

Nair Spray Away-$8.99 at
L'oreal Summer Lights- $6.49 at
Dove Advanced Care 48hr- $4.89 at

This Whish self tanner is amazing, and once you try it I can't imagine that you won't fall in love with it. It has given my legs the prettiest most natural tan that I can remember in a long time. Plus it smells like a coconut tropical drink so be prepared to fall in love with yourself, or to have other people falling in love with you. Don't say I didn't warn you!

This body blender by the brand Beauty Blender has made application so much easier. I avoid fake tanners sometimes because I look streaky or end up missing spots. Since getting this little beauty it works great to get between my fingers and toes. It works great to apply on the elbows,knees and around my ankles. I just wet it like I do my beauty blender, let it double in size and then apply the self tanner directly to it. I am sure to rinse it after I am sure my application is done. I highly recommend this if you love self tanner!

Whish Self Tanner-$30 at

Body Blender-$28 at

Last but not least be sure use a chapstick or lip product with SPF in it. I love this one from Sun Bum in Pink Grapefruit it really is moisturizing. It smells great, and has SPF30 in it which is amazing!

Sun Bum Pink Grapefruit Chapstick-$3.99 at

I hope you enjoyed all my Fourth of July Beauty items that I suggested for you. I know everyone has different plans from staying home and watching movies, to a big blow out festivity. I know a few ladies who are going on 4 day getaways and I hope at least one of them remembered to take sun block hehe

Have you tried any of these products? Got questions? Feel free to leave them down below in the comments!

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Celebrate the 4th of July with SinfulColors

4 polishes from SinfulColors  Having a Blast Collection available starting July 1st for $1.99
At Walgreens locations near you !
  1. Star Blast OFF-Burst of Red White Blue Glitter Bold, Vibrant, Must-Have Color. Toluene, Formaldehyde & DBP Free. Made in the USA
  2. Blue by You-Glistening, Oceanic Blue Bold, Vibrant, Must-Have Color. Toluene, Formaldehyde & DBP Free. Made in the USA
  3. Ruby Ruby-Classic Bright Cream Red Bold, Vibrant, Must-Have Color. Toluene, Formaldehyde & DBP Free. Made in the USA
  4. Out of this World-Shimmering Silver Splendor Bold, Vibrant, Must-Have Color. Toluene, Formaldehyde & DBP Free. Made in the USA

I wanted to do a fun nail tutorial on my nails for you guys. However, after 2 nights of intense movie watching I officially picked at my nails until they were not photograph ready. I am not a nail biter, but I pick at my polish when it gets intense in the theatre. So that in turn leaves my nails looking a little rough.

I hope you can see how pretty these shades are from my nail wheel. The red is a true red that you think of when you want to paint your nails for the 4th of July. I also am loving this topcoat which I found so great to work with. 

If you are looking for that perfect polish to finish off your look, without breaking the bank give these a try!

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Happy Fourth of July!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x-DISCOUNT!

I just had to share with you that Tria is offering my blog readers a 10% discount plus some extra goodies for using my code! 

Please follow my link to the website to get this deal! 

LE Jaclyn Hill for Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop

jaclyn hill le becca highlighter,champagne pop,opal,becca highlighters,limited edition highlighters,youtuber jaclyn hill
I know, it's a tragedy and hard to look at but I wanted to share it with you guys as soon as I got it. Last night around 8pm I heard a thump at my front door, and when I went out and checked it was  smashed,soaking wet,had footprints all over the package and a fed ex slip stuck to it. I said to myself, please don't be makeup. As soon as I opened it I saw her little face smiling out at me and my heart sunk. I knew it was broken before I even opened it, and boy was I right heheh
jaclyn hill le becca highlighter,champagne pop,opal,becca highlighters,limited edition highlighters,youtuber jaclyn hill
 However, even in her broken glory she is absolutely beautiful and everything I had hoped it would be!
jaclyn hill le becca highlighter,champagne pop,opal,becca highlighters,limited edition highlighters,youtuber jaclyn hill
Becca LE Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Pressed vs Becca Opal Pressed

I know in the swatches they look pretty close but the LE Jaclyn Hill is much more peachy-pink-coral undertone and I love it! It is a much softer color than Opal as well it blends right into the skin. I haven't worn it yet I just got it last night but I have swatched it many times, just looking at it.

This will be available on starting July 2nd,2015. If you want it be sure to check out Sephora's website. I am so happy to have it, and was excited to share it with you!

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Check out July 2nd at 9 AM Noon EST and in stores July 15th!
It will be $38

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Buxom Empty Shadow Bar Compact and Single Bar Shadows

BUXOM empty shadow bar palette and single shadows
That is $84 or Sephora charges $40 for the empty palette and your choice of 6 shadows!

BUXOM empty shadow bar palette and single shadows
 These are the 6 shadows that I picked out on my Birthday.

Patent Leather-sparkling blackberry
Posh Purple-shimmering violet
Party Girl- fuchsia luster
Filthy Rich- matte chestnut
Champagne Buzz-shimmering pearl
No Faux-iridescent snakeskin
BUXOM empty shadow bar palette and single shadows
 These swatches are without primer or base. Can we say it together "Pigmentation"!!
BUXOM empty shadow bar palette and single shadows

I loved picking out my own 6 shades that I thought I would use the most. They do have 3 pre made palettes but those weren't as exciting. A lot of the shades I wanted in store were sold out and I see they are still sold out online. I am happy with the 6 shadows I did get, and as you can see they are beautiful.

I have only used them a handful of times, but they have a nice long wear time. I wore a base as usual and no creasing. You don't have to work with these shadows, you get the color you see from the first application. The palette is tin like the too faced palettes and I love that for travel.

This is a great deal for $40 and you get to pick your own palette.  Have you tried this out yet? Did you know Buxom made such beautiful shadows?

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Monday, June 29, 2015

New at the Drugstore & Reviews!

All of these items were purchased at my local Target (but available at other drugstores)

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation:$11.99 at
Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturzing Lipgloss: $4.49 at
L'oreal True Match Lumi Glow Illuminator in Rose $12.99 at

All of these are new purchases for me, but I made sure to test everything on at least 3 separate occasions if not more. I wanted to give you my immediate review, and my review after several uses! I will of course offer a full review on a product, or it will be in a favorites or fails if anything changes.

New at the drugstore Summer 2015

New at the drugstore Summer 2015
 The Pro's:
They claim to be non sticky, and it is true they are not sticky!
They are also moisturizing as they claim which is nice
They aren't outrageously priced you can always find a good sale on Maybelline.
They are cute and bright so I am a sucker for packaging
If you are wanting something glossy, and moisturizing these will do the trick!

The Cons:
They have no color payoff, so it's pointless to have a shade variety as you can see I went with a light shade and bright shade to give you the color difference.

That is my only Con about them, I was disappointed by the lack of color payoff I got. I did however like having something glossy to put on my lips that was moisturizing. Sometimes chap stick doesn't cut it for me, and this wears great. I hated on them after I first tried them out, if you saw my most recent YouTube video I was disappointed in the lack of color. I gave them a few more tries, and can say that I do like them. I won't buy anymore because lets be honest there will be something new and exciting next month that I want more.  However, I say they are worth a try if you are okay with them being sheer I say go for it.

Final Decision: Try it out!

New at the drugstore Summer 2015
New at the drugstore Summer 2015

It is affordable because it is drugstore you can use coupons or find sales.
The colors all swirled together are really pretty (don't get much of the white)
The rose shade by itself is quiet gorgeous!

The white shade is very chalk like, and very shimmery which is a shame because it is the biggest color in the compact. 
You will look like you have white glittery chalk on your face, especially if the light hits you just right.
You will want to get the ELF small stippling brush to try and use the other shades by themselves since they are smaller than the the other shade. 
It is more of a glitter than a luminous glow like you would get from Hard Candy Highlighters (also drugstore).
Did I mention hello pores? It really made my pores large and sparkly.

I know my swatches didn't show the glitter fest that this actually was. When I wore it out in public yesterday I was quickly reminded. When I went to take it off, my entire face was shimmery and it did not blend well it set in my pores. I was essentially a hot mess yesterday trying to review these products. I apologize for everyone who saw me yesterday and thought I was a glittery ghost or a twilight cast member (dated reference?). Also after I washed my hands, when I took these photos my hand is covered in shimmery sparkles that just don't want to budge.

Final Decision: PASS

New at the drugstore Summer 2015
 Medium to full coverage, very buildable.
I got a full 6 hours out of it without wear or breaking apart.
After hour 6 I did notice that my forehead and nose started to wear away.
6 hours in this heat was pretty impressive.
I loved the coverage and the finish

Only saw 6 shades at both Target and Walmart finding your shade might not happen.
Clogged my pores and broke me out .
I had new breakouts before I got home that evening.
I tried it again the next day to see if it wore any different, and I got more new breakouts which is exactly what I need.

Final Decision:Pass if you have acne prone skin Try it out if your skin isn't sensitive!

 I know this post was picture heavy but I wanted to share my mini reviews with you! Have you tried any of these out? Let me know what you think!

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