2 cheap face products I am loving...

I am sure by now everyone has heard about these 2 products.
1.Hard Candy Heavy Duty Concealer-$6.00 at Walmart
2.ELF Flawless Finish Foundation-$6.00 Eyeslipsface.com

Review/Why they work for me:
I love both of these products I first use the foundation and it gives me a nice coverage. It is not a full coverage but with Glamoflage Concealer you would never know that you needed it.
I have a oily t-zone,with acne prone skin. This foundation is oil free,and it has not caused me to break out at all or make me have any more oil.
My shade is Porcelain in the foundation.

The concealer I am the Light shade,they only come in 3 shades.  It will seriously cover a tattoo so any problem area on your face can be covered too. It is very thick so if you use it under your eyes remember to set it so it doesn't crease.

The foundation is worth $6.00 but since I know ELF has great deals on their website. I would wait until they do the 75% or buy one get one deal. Then you can buy 2 shades and mix and match for the summer :)

Let me know if you have tried these and what you thought. Let me know if you like any drugstore or cheaper priced foundations. I love my department store foundation but now I can use it sparingly.

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