Obliphica Hair Care-A Review

Effectively treat and rejuvenate dry or damaged hair
A unique serum produced from the Obliphica (aka Sea Buckthorn, Sallow Thorn) fruit, traditionally known for its wonderful healing effect on hair and skin. 
Rich in many vitamins, carotenoids (alfa and beta-carotene) and with an especially large proportion of vitamin E, Obliphica Serum restores damaged hair, brings back the luster to your hair and makes combing a breeze.

It will protect hair structure from free radicals and fulfill the needs of malnourished, depleted hair and unbalanced scalps.
Recommended daily use, before or after blow-drying, on damp or dry hair. 
The effect of using Obliphica hair serum is proven – and immediate.

Repair and nourishing for very dry and colored hair
Obliphica has an advanced formula for intensive treatment of very dry, colored hair. 
The creamy texture of the mask penetrates hair structure and envelops it in softness. 
Your hair looks shiny and healthy, and has a pleasant fragrance.

The Obliphica plant contains many vitamins (A,E,C,K), and oils (tea tree, olive, rosemary etc.), 18 amino acids, 11 trace minerals and naturally balanced omega 3,6,9 essential fatty acids that are crucial for a healthy scalp and hair. It eliminates split ends and prevents graying, making the hair stronger. The mask has been especially adapted for hard water users, being PH balancing. Your hair stays soft, even after shampooing, drying and styling it!
For very dry, colored or damaged hair
A professional and exclusive formula for treating and restoring dry or damaged hair, or hair that has undergone chemical treatment. The shampoo includes softeners and nutrients that envelope the hair in a protective layer, eliminate split ends, soften the hair and give it a brilliant sheen.
Obliphica Shampoo has active ingredients for cleaning hair and scalp, while stabilizing your hair's PH balance and preventing dandruff. It helps maintain your hair's natural color and prevents graying. Obliphica Shampoo contains UV screen, thus keeping your hair from drying out, and maintaining its natural moisture.
This unique formula was developed especially for Diamond Beauty Supply, taking into account difficult (dry, humid) climate and poor water quality to actively tone and invigorate hair. 
The shampoo is made of extracts of the Obliphica fruit for intensive treatment, with added natural vitamin E to keep your hair healthy and shiny.


My Opinion:
These products are amazing,I loved the shampoo it cleans my hair without leaving a build up and doesn't strip my color. The hair masque was a nice couple times a month treatment for my hair, especially since you know I am a bleach a holic.

The stand out product for me that has changed my hair beyond words is the Hair Serum. I can use this on wet hair or dry and pay attention to my ends. It makes me hair soft,and no fly aways.

The other amazing thing about this brand is that celebrity hairstylist John Blaine is the official spokesperson for this product. He has a celebrity clientele that includes the likes of Paris Hilton,Dita Von Teese,Kendra Wilkinson,Mariah Carey, and Pam Anderson to name a few.

The texture of my hair has changed, it dries faster,it has a shine it didn't use to have. I have not been using any other products since the first of Dec since I got these items. I do still use my everyday conditioner but I have used it off and on for 6 months so I know that these products are the reason for my beautiful hair.

To find out more about these products please go to http://www.obliphica.com
They are worth every penny and I if you want beautiful hair, then what are you waiting for?

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