A small peek into my Hoarding heh

Just a drawer of face goodies:)

Urban Decay overhaul still in the boxes :/

Just some of my prettier bottles and colors  out on display.

A cabinet of makeup :)
Just a few of my book inspirations for work!

A shelf of some palettes and some new goodies :)

This is just a small peek into a few of my drawers,baskets,shelves.This is not all and that is probably why I have chosen not to do a collection post or video out of sheer shame heh. I am a makeup artist and if I like something I usually get doubles for my kit and myself. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it. If you have any questions about anything specific please ask!

If you want maybe I could do a What's in my professional kit ?  

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  1. Great post and collection. I love seeing pics of other makeup hoarders I mean collectors collections because it lets me know I'm not alone :)

  2. I love seeing pics of people's collections! Your nail polishes look prettty!


  3. Holy crap lol that's a wicked collection :) I could only imagine how much I would have if I had a job in this industry!