What Men Like About You!

A recent interview done by match.com says that 60% of men are more attacted to gorgeous hair than a woman with noticeable curves (a la push up bra's,tight fitting clothes).

44% of men also stated that HAIR was the first thing they noticed about women.Before clothes,legs or even makeup.

However, 88% of men said that their dates laughter made a bigger impression than her shoes! 

To read everything else that was included in this crazy little article go to 

I thought it was an interesting article, now if you will excuse me I gotta go wash my deep conditioning hair masque out ;)

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  1. oooo so interesting! a guy once said to me that the first thing he looks for in a girl is to see whether or not her hair is healthy! eeeek! xx

  2. This is true! My hair is pink, purple and blue and half shaved...but thats pretty loud..but it gets attention! love this article!

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    See you there!

  3. Ahh I love articles like this, always refreshing (:

  4. amazing look dear

    see u in my blog