DermQuest SkinBrite Cream-A review

2oz for $69.00 from
I got mine in my Beautyfix box

If you know anything about you know that I suffer from acne prone skin. With Acne prone skin comes the dark pigmentation that it leaves behind. Being a makeup artist, I feel like I try anything in the store that promises to clear them up. However, those usually lead to disappointing results and a lot of money wasted on something that didn't work.

So when I had the chance to try this in my beautyfix package I jumped on it. I will be honest I didn't expect much because of my previous disappointment. However, it has helped my skin so much that I feel like I have new skin. It really has helped tremendously, I do not feel like I have to wear foundation unless I want too. I can wear tinted moisturizers again. I know that this is pricey but when I say I have spent $100 on drugstore products that have these claims I am not kidding.

My skin is not flawless, and I am still prone to acne if I stop with a routine. The dark spots are gone or fading, and that is what I felt was making me look older. I got a compliment from someone that I didn't know on how my skin look like a "baby dolls" because it was so flawless. It is something that we all love to hear and I hadn't heard it in a long time.

I would say if you try Beautyfix and this is an option GET IT! Like I said, this is $69 full size and Beautyfix is only $49.99 and you get 8 products !

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*I received the beautyfix package for consideration. I stand by my reviews that this is an amazing deal and I have truly loved all of my products.

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  1. Hi, i have the same problem with acne scars, dark spots & uneven skin tones. Anyway, you tried or seen this website? They have a lot of products for skin brightening- lighting, bleaching, etc.. I'm currently using a skin lighter-bleaching cream for my trouble spots, 4% Hydroquinone..the highest i believe without a prescription. Been ising a little bit, can be drying, ive noitce some lighting since i started using it about 2 months ago but i dont use it every day due to dryness... hope this info helps in your quest for clearer skin! Its on the same quest as well! Good luck! Jenn