Kronos Hydresse Discovery Kit-Review

I took this set with me on my vacation although I had used it previously when I first got it I wanted to finish using it up. I loved this set, it made my hair soft and smell great. Although, I did enjoy the Shampoo and Conditioner the 2 stand out products to me are the Liquid Theory Conditioning Spray and the PHYX Repair Masque.

This is a 7-1 leave in hair therapy spray, and let me tell you that it does everything I ever wanted. I have hair that wants to naturally wave so it tangles. Add the abusive relationship I have with my hair with hot tools,dye jobs and tease combs you can imagine the tangles my hair can hold. I used this product after I got out of the shower and then used a wide tooth comb to comb through it. That is all I did and I left it to air dry since it was vacation I wanted to try and be easy on the hair. It not only dried soft and frizz free but it had a lovely lingering fragrance to it. I could then just finger comb my hair and style it. I love it and give it 2 thumbs up!

I think this product the Repair Maque played a big part in the no frizz in my hair. I left it on overnight as it states and then washed it out with the shampoo and conditioner above. It didn't leave my hair greasy in the morning nor did it stain the pillow cases. I used a generous amount in my palm and just spread it all over the ends of my hair. I think the set as a whole is great, but I can definitely tell that this product changed my hair.

I did receive this product as part of my Beautyfix package. If you don't know about Beautyfix it is an amazing program that you get to control your products.You can receive up to $400 worth of products for only $49.95 and free shipping. You select 8 products out of the many they have to offer and most of them are full size products, and names we all know and love.

As I stated above this kit is $55.00 on or you can just go ahead and sign up for the kit for $49.95 and get 7 more products hehe. I do not get any money by you clicking on the links and buying the merchandise from or as always this is my honest opinion. 

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