Adovia Dead Sea Minerals -A Review

10:45 AM

I was super excited to try out these products because they are good for acne prone skin. Although, I think all 3 of these products are great the Mud Mask and the Mud Soap were my 2 favorite products.

I used the mud mask a few times a week, and some nights just on my breakouts. I used the soap every night to cleanse my skin before bed, and then I would use the mask. I noticed after about 3 days of using these items together that my pores were smaller and I had less oil. My skin is a crazy combination of dry and oily t-zone.  Plus we all know that I still suffer from acne,breakouts and it is always a constant battle to find something to keep my skin clear.

I truly enjoyed these products and their end results for my skin have been great. If you suffer from oily skin,or happen to be acne prone I would give these products a try. They were not harsh on my skin which a lot of acne products are. You just are just left with a clean feeling, no dryness or residue.

The mineral serum was a nice product, and I used it on my dry skin. It served its purpose, but I was so focused on the other 2 amazing products I didn't really give it much thought. It is a nice thin moisturizer that does not clog up your pores.

Be sure to check out
for all these amazing products and more.

I did receive these products for review consideration, that does not change my opinion on these products.I am always honest in my reviews!

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  1. Products look amazing and do I spot a Target bag? Someones been out shopping and hoping we didn't notice:)

    1. Ooops, I guess I need to a do a haul post next :)

  2. Sounds like a great mask.
    Great blog =)
    New follower.

  3. thanks for the review, i may have to try some of theses prducts I to have been struggling to find something to keep my skin clear. My skin is crazy smh!

    1. I know how you feel my skin freaks out on me a lot more than I would like to admit. These were great products!

  4. I haven't heard of this before but my skin sucks sometimes so maybe I should give it a try! Helpful review!

  5. Sounds great, I love dead sea products! xx

  6. i'll have to try these skincare products. btw, I'm having a 100+ Follower Urban Decay Giveaway! May 23rd is the last day to enter, so I hope you enter :)


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