Fitness Friday-What I've been eating

Moe's half burrito (the hubby and I split it) and half chips with lots of salsa

Tofu Pad Prik-Best Ever hands down

Our Vegan cookout with portobella's,squash,asparagus,zucc,jalepenos and more!

Kombucha and lots of watermelon for a snack or lunch on the go!

I try to eat fresh fruits and veggies and stay away from processed foods. The hubby and I try and stick with 80 percent fresh and then 20 percent live a little. These are just random foods I remembered to photograph. How have you been doing on your path to a healthier you? I got a little surprise at the Dr's office, I told the nurse how much I weighed and she didn't believe me. So I got weighed and I was 17lbs lighter than what I was the last time I weighed which has been awhile. 

When everyone asked what I was doing I told them, Veganism and fresh foods. Then suddenly no one was interested anymore hehe.

I hope you are feeling healthy and whole today and thank you as always for stopping by!

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