Crazy Beautiful Makeup: February 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cadette Cosmetics Review

About a month ago I received a few products from to review from the brand Cadette.
To be honest I didn't know what to expect, but I love makeup so I gave it a go.

First up was the lipstick in Admiral Red with the lip liner by the same name!
from website

my swatch
Price:$10.00 for the lipstick and $8 for the liner
My opinion:This lipstick is so moisturizing, and combined with the lip liner it doesn't budge. I had no problems with bleeding,and it stayed for a few hours before I even went back to reapply. I used this on myself and not on clients because I was intrigued by a new red lipstick.
The packaging is a nice quality and you feel fancy when you take it out of your makeup bag. The formula is not sticky and even though it feels like a moisturizing gloss it has the full coverage of a lipstick.

Next was the Cadette Sheer Radiance Face Glow

from the website


The idea is the same as any other liquid illuminating product that you may have from other high end companies. However, this is at least half the price, and in my opinion works just as well. I added it in with my foundation to give me that glow without having to use a lot of other products. If you are able to do this just add it to your moisturizer and give yourself a fresh glow without having the feel of product. I have mentioned my skin concerns so I always wear cover up. This did not break me out, and it does not have a smell that irritated me like a lot of the liquid products I have tried.

I have truly enjoyed using these products,and I was excited to be able to share these with you. Be sure to check out for all your beauty needs. I love finding out about products that I haven't used before and introducing them to you. I know a lot of blogs get congested with the same stuff over and over. If you try these out please let me know,and tell them I sent you :)

Please find out more about Cosmetique on their blog


Friday, February 17, 2012

Get a Red Carpet Manicure at Home

Gift Lounge at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards

About a month ago I received this Gel Polish Starter Kit from Red Carpet Manicure. As a makeup artist, nail polish collector I was excited for the opportunity to try this at home Gel Polish kit.

Cost: 59.99
You get 8 piece set including the LED light that is portable.
The claim is it will last for weeks !

So, I could have reviewed it right away because I not only did my nails I did 2 friends and a client/friends nails. I wanted to have all of us try it out in our day to day life and see how long it would really last.

It was around 5 days before I noticed the first signs of the tip of my nail flaking up. The other ladies said their nails lasted past the one week mark almost to 2 weeks before the first sign of wear. In my opinion for an at home gel nail kit, that is amazing. I simply filed nails, came home and just redid the application on the nails that were showing signs and it lasted for another week before I noticed any wear. I got compliments on my nails, and I took this with me when I went out of town. So it truly was portable and easy, and I didn't end up needing it for myself but I do not like messy nails so I was prepared.

It comes with instructions, and that is what we followed step by step. I was like to add that you have to be careful when applying this gel polish.
1.Put it on in thin coats as it states, don't paint your nails like regular polish.
2.Put on a thin coat of polish then cure it under the light, go back and add another layer if needed.
3.Use the Materials provided to clean up around the nails so that the polish doesn't peel off if you leave gel around the cuticles.
4.Be sure to set a timer and cure your nails under the light for stated time. You will have beautiful gel nails in less than 15 minutes!(for the entire process from beginning to end)

If you are a nail polish lover, I suggest you go and buy this product now! It is amazing being able to do my own gel nails at home or if I travel. My nails feel stronger and the red polish that it comes with it beautiful so I am happy they include such a beautiful shade. I must go and buy some of their other 36 shades because I really enjoy the whole process.

If you are interested please go to their website,Ulta and a few other stores listed on their website to get your very own.
Follow them on Twitter @redcarpetmani
Have you tried this product? Did you love it as much as I did?


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MAC Shop Collection- Florida Creme Blend Blush

MAC Shop Cook Collection Florida CremeBlend Blush $20.00

Bright Fuchsia!

I thought this was beautiful when it came out with the Lillyland Collection almost 2 years ago. This is by far one of my favorite cream blushes because you can go all out or you can lightly apply. It is like many of the other cream blushes it last all day. If I am wanting that Oomph factor I apply lightly VERY lightly Full Fuchsia over it and it doesn't budge. 

Have you bought anything from the new collections? I just cannot keep up with everything, but I do love MAC.

Currently on  the other 2 cremeblend  blushes are sold out so go quick!

This was purchases with my own money!

Beauty Benefits from Coconut Oil-A Review

I am always looking for new natural beauty products to introduce into my routine. Over the past year I have heard many celebrities swear by Coconut Oil, whether it's eating it or using it as a body moisturizer the celebs love it.

8oz for $7.69

It's very important when trying anything new that you always try to get it in the purest form. You don't want it to be a lot of additives and then a little coconut oil because then you are not getting the full effect. This Coconut Oil is Organic, and Fair Trade which are 2 things that I always look for in my products.

These are just a few uses and facts about coconut oil.
1.It's a great hair mask if you have dry hair.
2.It can be used on the skin as a moisturizer on your face and body.
3.It has great immunity boosting benefits.
4.Health benefits for your pets!
5.You can feed it to your pets or use it on them if they are dry or suffering skin issues.

You may remember that Supermodel Miranda Kerry did an interview where she said she uses Coconut Oil everyday. Khloe Kardashian says she uses it as a hair masque once a month and puts her hair up in a towel with coconut oil. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen uses this as her body moisturize. If those 3 are not reason enough to give it a try then I don't know what else you need hehe.
photo from
How I use it:
I have used it to cook with, especially stir fry and my tofu dishes. My hubby adds it to our after workout smoothies. I also have been scooping some out into a little disposable container and using it on my hair and body. I only use it on my ends because my roots are already shiny enough. I also have been using it on my knees and elbows mostly. I love it, I do not have anything bad to say about it. I have been using the brand shown above and its amazing. My husband who I drag along with me into all my new must try items, loves it.

Kelapo is priced amazing well,I got their 8oz product and that is what I have been using and I am still using. They also offer different size containers so you don't have keep going back to get more :) I absolutely love coconut oil and I will be using it for a long time. It is like anything when consuming it use in moderation it is still an oil. So, although it's great for you be smart about it and don't deep fry foods everyday and expect it to be "good" for you. Use it in a healthier way a few times a week and as an alternative to vegetable oil or other cooking oils.

Go over to and buy their coconut oil, they even have it in vegetarian pill form if want to take it as a daily vitamin. Follow them on Twitter @Kelapo  for more information about using Coconut Oil!


The claims I stated on this page were not made by Kelapo these are just benefits that I have read in magazines featuring the celebrities. 
As always check with your doctor before trying anything for health benefits.This is just my opinion and how I used the product.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Most loved January

1.Miracle Skin Transformer-I have seriously used this until there is almost nothing left (sad face)
2.Maybelline Mineral Concealer
3.L'oreal True Match Foundation
4.Sally Hansen inspired by Carmindy Cream Blush in Beaming (love)
5.Makeup Forever Cream Blush in Nip Slip or #5
6.Nars eye shadow in Fez
7.Elf radiance highlighter in Spotlight
8.Loreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense eyeliner
9.Milani HD concealer in Light (for my under eye)
10.MAC Blanc Type eye shadow 
11.Wet and Wild Matte palette (finally got my hands on it thanks to my sister)

I didn't include my perfume Oh,Lola by Marc Jacobs because I just did the post on it. I didn't do hair stuff because I just did a review on the one I had been using and love it. So I wanted to show you guys what I have been using on my face. I switch foundations a lot depending on my coverage needs. I am in love with the Milani HD concealer for my under eye area I feel very Kim Kardashian-esque hehe

What was your January most loved products?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Perfume Love-Marc Jacobs Oh,Lola!


Marc Jacobs-Oh, Lola!

What they say:

Oh, Lola!
Flirtatious, charming, and sparkling with lighthearted personality, this fragrance leaves you flirting with your senses! It bursts open with a bright and whimsical effervescence. At the heart of the fragrance is the playful scent of peony. As the scent dries down, a flirty and elegant trail gives you an unexpected touch of fun that makes you smile! 

Raspberry, Vanilla, Peony, Pear, Cyclaman. 
Vibrant. Flirtatious. Lighthearted.

II am in love with this perfume it is my favorite to reach for when the hubby and I are going out on a dinner date. 

I bought this item for myself at my local department store, with my very own money ! I bought the 3.4oz because I loved it so much.

Do you own this perfume? What's your current favorite perfume?

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