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Aloe There, I Mist You and Honey Face Facts

Gradual Face Tanner

The Facial Tanner swatch

Honey, face the facts is a gradual tanner for your face. Yes, it contains honey, and I as a vegan used it on my face. Even though I can assure you I did not eat it, I am awaiting the arrival of the vegan police but so far so good. I have always been hesitant to use fake tanner on my face because I am afraid of how it will turn out. I am fearful that I will go out in public and have a zebra striped face with an orange hue. That was definitely not the case with this, it is very gradual and subtle. It gave me a slight tan without making me appear orange. I also did not have to worry about it settle in my pores or cause me to break out. Those are 2 biggies when it comes to putting something on my face.

Aloe There has been great using after the shower, and after sitting out and enjoying the Spring weather. I am a huge fan of aloe anyways, and this is just a great product if you like Aloe.
I Mist You is a great after shower body mist, it's refreshing and moisturizing. It has a nice scent and I have used almost the entire bottle since I started using it. 

I was lucky enough to be sent this stuff for review. If you are interested in picking any of these please check out their website!

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  1. A face tanner with... honey?! How weird! I have never heard of that before, but I'm super curious now! I always hate self tanners without guide color, but I'm glad you like it!

    PS. I'm a vegetarian and I still eat marshmallow... and cheese... but don't tell! We can't be perfect all the time! ;)

  2. Oh so weird that face tanner has honey! Sounds like it would be something I'd wanna try eating lol. These products sound nice!