Hard Candy Lite Bright Concealer -Review and Swatches

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505 Fair

Hard Candy Lite Bright Concealer $6

Kim Kardashian Concealer Photo that changed the world forever :)

After seeing this twitter picture from Kim Kardashian I believe it was taken a few years ago women all over the world went out of their way to find the perfect highlighting concealer.

It feels like I have bought and tried each and every concealer / highlighter thats ever been sold. When I heard that Hard Candy had a new concealer out that was suppose to brighten and conceal I took note. I hate going to Wal-Mart and honestly don't think I have been more than 3 times in over a year.Plus I live closer to 2 Targets than Wal-Mart so they are just more convenient.   However, we were out of town and there was no Target within 30 miles. So, I busted out my list of things I wanted to try from Hard Candy and Flower and said "Let's do the darn thing".  Unfortunately nothing had changed and most of the Hard Candy items were opened and used. They didn't have a Flower at this location and it was everything I had feared it would be hehe. Onto the review...

I really love this concealer, I had to go with 505 instead of 504 because it appeared from the packaging to be the lighter of the 2. It is very brightening and blends easily, it also covers my darkness under my eyes. It gives my allergy eyes a nice pop so they don't appear to be so sad. I will at some point order the other colors and add this to my pro kit. I think it could be one of my new favorite brightening concealers. 

My only complaint is that you get very little product, the tube is only half full for $6.00 and at the rate I use it its not going to last very long. Especially if you go the Kim Kardashian (photo above) route and highlight everything your momma gave you. it's gonna be gone. Still it's very affordable and works great I suggest you try it out. I know I feel like I am looking more and more like a Kardashian every time I use it (oh boy).

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  1. This stuff looks great! I may have to pick this up when my no-buy ends.

  2. This looks awesome! If I ever get brave enough to hit up WalMart I'll be sure to pick this up haha. Great review.

  3. Great review! I try to avoid Wal-Mart as well - but sometimes the lure of beauty takes me there too :)

  4. ahh thanks for this review, im a new mommy and have found myself obsessed over finding the perfect concealers, unfortunatly not fond of alot.
    but i will deffinetly have to try this one now, seriously appriciated.
    hopefully i have the same experiance.

  5. Ohhhh I need this!!! I have recently been looking for something like this but I bet its not in Canada yet but I will go on the hunt:) too bad the bottle is half empty :(

  6. I've tried this and this is the first positive review I've read. Its horrible too thin, dries too fast, too light (in all shades) and cheap dont waste your money!!