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 We Search We Find We Shop Style

I love this cute black top they sent for me to use for this post.

My style is exactly that, My Style I love layering pieces especially in the Fall/Winter. So a basic cardigan in a few different shades is good. I love flannel,leggings, and a good heel. I am also a big nerd, so I try to throw in a Star Wars,Doctor Who, Harry Potter piece into each outfit hehe. Style is all about what works for you, and for me I like to shop outside of what is displayed before me as a "woman". I buy my t-shirts in the little boys department because they are cheaper and super nerdy. I also shop in the mens department because I am tall and they tend to run longer. So when I am wearing my leggings we aren't having a wardrobe malfunction in Target. I love TJ Maxx,Ross,Marshall's and Burlington Coat Factory for trend pieces. I will invest in a good coat,bag,a pair of Seven Jeans but a trend piece not so much. 

I know everyone hates the leggings as pants look, That is why I wear layers, it confuses the eye to what the heck I am doing. I would wear my Levi's button up, a t-shirt, a fun pair of leggings maybe animal print, tall socks/ leg warmers,a pair of high boots, and maybe a jacket and scarf depending on the weather.  Have fun with your clothes, you can always go home and change heh

What is your favorite Fall look? 

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  1. You have such a cute, playful sense of style. I love the denim shirt/star wars shirt combo. Adorable.

    1. Thank you Leigh, my husband likes all my nerdy tshirts too hehe