Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas from Pixi-Review and Swatches

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 Pixi Seasonal Reflection Kit in Warm Wonder $22 at Target or PixiBeauty.Com

What they say:
With eight silky eye shadows and one glowing cheek powder, this travel-friendly kit makes it easy to create a gorgeous look in no time. The included simple step-by-step face chart makes application foolproof.

What I say:
 This is the eyeshadow swatched as is without a base or any primer. I was so impressed with the quality of these shadows! I have seen palettes from Pixi at Target and to be honest wasn't sure what to expect. When I sat down and started playing with the colors I was amazed by how pigmented they were, before putting them over any type of base.Now, just imagine these over your favorite base these are perfect for a natural eye or you could smoke it out there is always a reason to wear smokey eyes.
I also just love the color range in one palette, this is their warm palette it also comes in cool. I know several girls on my Christmas list who would these natural shades.

Tinted Brilliance Balm in No 9 Orchid Petal for $22
What they say:
Packed with lip-loving ingredients, this glossy gel balm protects & hydrates lips instantly. After the balm wears off, lips are left tinted with a flattering, personalized hue just for you (color & intensity depends on pH level of lips).
What I say:

You may see the color in the packaging and think, WHOA that's bright but it goes on a nice subtle pink. You have that glowing moisturized lip but without the worry of transfer. I also love pens like this that you don't have to sharpen they just twist up. This went straight into my purse, and I have not had any issues with applying too much or the color changing on me. It's this perfect Petal Pink every time, now I know I want to try the other 10 shades!

Be sure to check out Pixi at your Local Target or Online and hit up their social media accounts and tell them I sent you :)

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  1. Love those shadows! I'll be checking those out next time I'm at Target for sure!

    1. I never knew they were so pigmented, I see why they cost a little more than average drugstore but they are worth it! Let me know what you pick up!