Crown Brush HD Set w/ Mirror and Tweezer

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Crown Brush HD Set w/ Mirror and Tweezers
What they say:

  • 6 piece HD cosmetic brush set w/ tweezers and case

  • Perfect for applying HD cosmetics,liquids,creams and powders

  • Available in Purple, Orange or white/blue

  • Vegan Friendly!

  • What I say:

    Back in the day when I started really getting into makeup and using brushes I started with Crown Brushes. I still have those brushes in my set and they have been used,washed,traveled all over with me and they are still kicking. So when these babies popped up in my Ifabbo shopping cart I was happy to be able to try out a new set. 

    This is the perfect set for the beauty lover in your life. It gives you a nice variety, and I love that it comes with a pair of tweezers and a mirrored carrying case. This is convenient for those who travel a lot or who don't have a lot of space to put their makeup brushes out on display. This is a great set, and you would expect to pay a lot more. I know I am guilty of paying too much for one brush, and then I get a set of brushes that are great quality for such a great price and I feel a little guilty. 

    This would be a great stocking stuffer, or a great gift for that beauty lover that already has a lot of makeup but needs a good quality set of brushes to apply it with.

    Have you tried not only this set but any brushes from Crown brushes? What is your favorite brand of brushes?

    To pick yourself up a set follow the link below!

    Also go share the love with Crown Brushes at all their social media sites

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    1. I got the same exact set from IFABBO hehe. I love it. Crown brushes are great! At the moment I'm also really into Real Techniques brushes as well.

      1. I saw your review! I love real techniques as well ! Thanks for stopping by