Taking a Short Break

The 26th of December the flu hit my household hard, it started with me and and I was kind enough to share. We have all been sick in some way since the 26th.Mine is now a cough and head cold even though the actual flu has gone away. I am going to take the rest of this week to feel like a human again. I don't want to infect all my new beauty goodies with the flu, so I am not touching anything hehe. 

I hope to be back fresh next week with blog posts everyday! Any tips on getting rid of this stupid cough, I have tried every natural remedy that you can imagine. There will be no, New Years Eve party for the hubby and I, he is under an electric blanket yelling at me that he is too cold, and I am so darn hot if turns it back to 80 degrees, I may not have a husband hehehe

Don't you wish you were as cool as we are? heheh

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