Red Carpet Manicure Peach Chiffon and Wild Berry Diva

by - 1:42 PM

 Red Carpet Manicure in Peach Chiffon and Wild Berry Diva $9.99 at Ulta or online
 Just wanted to show you with 2 coats how you could get that true Peach shade. However, with one coat you really do get great color payoff!

I am a big fan of Red Carpet Manicure, the polishes always last without chipping and that works great for me. As a makeup artist you have your fingers in peoples faces, and they take notice of your fingernails. It never fails someone will ask what color I have on my nails or what brand. So it is nice to be able to not worry so much about if it has chipped off.These are long lasting, and great color payoff.

I use the nail wheel to give you a better look at the color instead of my nails because my cuticles aren't great. I keep my nails short, so there isn't much to look at anyways.If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!

Hope you enjoy and if you are looking for great gel polishes, try these out!

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