Youtheory Coconut and Revive Vitamins

by - 5:30 AM

Revive Vitamins:
+Smooth Energy Delivery
+Balancing Blood Sugar
+Aloe Vera and Green Tea

Coconut Vitamins:
+Stronger Hair and Skin
+Improve energy and mood
+Natural hydration

My review:

After receiving these vitamins I was excited to add them to my daily vitamin routine. I take my vitamins every morning with a full glass of water right after I eat breakfast. I am a big believer in eating all the nutrients you can but I also take supplements as well. I love coconut oil,coconut water, so I was happy to try out the Coconut vitamins. I love these because they help give you a natural hydration which I believe is why my dry skin has completely gone away. I am trying different skincare systems but I have been able to eliminate having to exfoliate my face due to all the dry skin and/or dry patches.
My husband has been taking the Revive because unfortunately they contain mango and I am allergic all things mango. We will continue to use these and we are exciting about some of the other vitamins they offer. I also wanted to add that I have a very sensitive stomach and these do not cause any issues for me. I can take these with my other vitamins and my stomach doesn't hate me for it hehe.

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*These vitamins were sent for review consideration.This review is honest and 100% my own!

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