The Soniclear from Michael Todd-Review

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The Soniclear can be bought from Michael Todd on their website for $150.00

The Soniclear is different because it is the first anti microbial face and body cleanser.
This is the head for the body brush, it is a great size and works amazing!

This is mine charging, with the Charcoal Detox by Michael Todd Organic cleanser.

I have tried so many of these face cleansing brushes, and eventually stopped using them because they were too harsh for my sensitive skin. However, with this Michael Todd SonicClear I have used it for almost two months and not only have I noticed an improvement in my breakouts, but the texture to my skin. I also love the body attachment it helps give your skin a nice glow. I have suffered with Keratosis Pilaris "chicken skin" on my arms off and on over the years. However, after using the body attachment it has cleared up.

I think because it cleanses so thoroughly that it cleanses your pores. I have also noticed the pores around my nose have shrunk so they are not as prominent anymore. I hope with continued use I can keep the  breakouts at bay, and my skin will just continue to get better over time.  I love that it is waterproof so I can take in the shower with me and no worries about it being ruined. I always let it air dry and then put it back on the charger, so I can always have my favorite new cleansing brush.

This is an investment in your skin, you can buy all the pretty makeup but if you have a bad canvas it isn't going to matter. I suffer from acne,combination skin, with texture so to have something that has created such a difference for me and my skin I now can understand how amazing my skin can actually look when I take the time to treat it well. The face cleanser that is shown above works great for me, and I use it when I notice a breakout happening or during that time of the month. It works great, and really helps clear up my skin before it becomes a 5 alarm fire heh.

I also love that it is pleasing to look at, and fits perfectly on the corner of my bathroom counter. I already hog the entire counter space with my beauty products so it's great that it fits so nicely.

Tell me, have you tried other face cleansing brushes? Did you like them or not? Have you tried this Michael Todd SonicClear before?

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