How Not to be a Mean Girl-Blogger Edition

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how not to be a mean girl

I joined forces with my best friend that I met through blogging the beautiful Amber from and we wanted to talk about NOT being a Mean Girl in the blogging world. Check out her link to find out her 5 ways to Not be a Mean Girl!

 That's right, be respectful isn't just something your parents are going to tell you. If you want to be a successful blogger then don't go around stepping on peoples toes. Don't do stuff just for likes or followers. People who put a lot of time into their blog aren't going to appreciate you tagging yourself or your blog on their website.Share content that is relative to you,and comment on blogs that you enjoy.Don't take photos that aren't yours,don't use someones content without giving permission.If you enjoy someones article, give credit where credit is due.Respect your fellow bloggers,and they should do the same.Stealing content from other bloggers is going to get you into trouble with companies, and other bloggers will be leary of you if they can't trust you aren't stealing from them also.So always be respectful to your fellow bloggers,even if you think they don't notice you.Big or small we are all in this thing together.

As you start blogging you will have questions, don't be afraid to reach out and ask. On the other hand, bloggers should help each other out. I have been fortunate to meet some amazing women that answer all my crazy questions. Always offer a helping hand when you can. I know that I appreciate it when someone helps me out, and I always try to answer any questions that are sent to me. Help each other out on social media, we all know how important it is. Retweet,Like,Share, support one another we can all use the extra boost. If someone helps you,comments on your blog,shares your information, thank them it won't kill you Trust Me.Which leads me to number 3.

 It doesn't have to be a girl fight to be a blogger. I follow lots of bloggers that are moms and that are meat eaters. I am child-free and a vegan, but that doesn't mean I don't have interest in their lives.That doesn't mean I  don't want to share their great content with my readers. Just because a certain blogger is working with a big brand, doesn't mean there isn't room for me. You don't have to be a hater to be a blogger, and you can like whatever blogs you want too, even if they aren't in your niche. Be kind to other bloggers,big and small there is enough success for everyone. Ripping each other apart isn't going to help us get to the top any faster.
No matter how big you get, how many followers you have or what companies you work with Be Humble. It's great to appreciate what you have and how hard you work. But, always know that there's something new to learn, more money to make and a bigger brand to reach for.Nothing is worse than bloggers who think they know it all.While you are patting yourself on the back, there is someone willing to work a little harder that will pass you up.Work Hard, Be Humble.

 Be grateful for your own success, and for others success. Be grateful that blogging is something that can be an actual profitable career.If you aren't grateful with where you are right now, what makes you think you will be grateful with more.You should be grateful for such an amazing opportunity to be a blogger, and that there are so many powerful women in this blogging world.  If we could all be a little bit more grateful for the help we have gotten a long the way like advice,contacts,opportunities or just a little design help.Stop being a Mean Girl, we are so much better than that!

I want to help anyone, if you think I could be of service to you PLEASE shoot me an email. I have been so fortunate that I have met so many amazing women from all walks of life through blogging. That have helped me,and guided me in the right direction.I have blogging friends from all walks of life,ages,races,social status, and anything you can imagine. I have also unfortunately met very "ugly" bloggers who immediately left a bad taste in my mouth. This seems to happen with women we have to find our clique. Let's just find people that we truly enjoy their time,and share the love.

Thanks for stopping in, and I hope you took something away from this post and find yourself sharing the love!

Don't be a Mean Girl and share this post with everyone you know (a girl's gotta try).

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