AHAVA Dry Oil Body Mist

ahava dry oil body mist review
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ahava dry oil body mist review

This Dry Oil Body Mist is hands down the best product I have used in months. It not only is moisturizing, but it smells amazing. You need to stop what you are doing, and just go buy it, no questions asked! If your husband does ask what you are buying just blame it on having "woman issues" and he will not proceed with that conversation hehe.

I have tried a lot of body oils before but nothing like this. I just expected it to leave my skin a little greasy, and since it is a mist and an oil I was afraid of what it might do to my clothes. I spray this on right out of the shower and it leaves my skin glowing and the scent is beyond anything I can describe. I have also been known to spray a little before going out just to give my skin that glow. Each time I have worn this I got compliments on my perfume. I was quick to tell them what it was, and they were intrigued. 

I spray it on, and then rub it in while I am in my towel. I haven't had any issues with it getting on my clothes and ruining them. It absorbs quickly,moisturizes the skin, and looks amazing on my fake tanned skin. 

Have you ever tried this? What is your favorite AHAVA product?

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