TRIA Hair Removal Laser 4X Two Month Update

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x Review
Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x(turquoise)-$449.00 here at

I am so happy to share my two month journey with you guys. When I did my post that I was going to be reviewing this product I got a lot of questions and great feedback. So I wrote it all down, so while using my Tria Laser I could answer the questions for you.

In case you didn't see my first post (which will be linked down below) let me start from the beginning. I have fair skin, that is pretty sensitive and I have naturally ash blonde hair. So my leg & arm hair is also very blonde. This Tria is not recommended for blonde or gray hairs. So I had to treat my under arms aka my arm pits. I will be honest that I was nervous, because I am sensitive in that area and very ticklish. I wasn't sure at the beginning that I was going to be able to handle the treatments.
Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x Review
Smooth Start Calming Gel-$35 here on

I would start by applying this Smooth Start Calming Gel on fresh shaved skin. I would then set my laser remover to 1 (I worked up to level 2 for the past few weeks). My fear of the pain was a lot worse than the actual feeling it gives. However, I don't know that I can go beyond the 2 as I tried 3 and it was uncomfortable for me. So maybe if it takes longer to work at 2 I can deal with that. You have to treat each arm 100 times which takes me about 10 minutes total maybe 15 for both arms.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x Review
This digital readout really helps. There you can see the settings 1-5,your battery life and it will count for you how many times you have treated an area. 

I am happy to report that after two months, I have noticed the regrowth has significantly thinned out. I use to only like to use men's razors to get a good shave. I just found they gave me the best clean shave. I recently bought some disposable razors because they were hot pink. However, let me say that my hair has grown back thinner and was easy to remove with them. If you have darker or thicker hair that you want to remove I can imagine that you are going to see amazing results just after 2 months. 

Although I was afraid that it might be time consuming to treat 100 times on each arm it really goes pretty fast. I can't wait to do my 3 month update, and let you know the final results. I am very pleased with where I am now with my treatment. I would have never gone to a laser treatment center to get hair removed from my under arms. I would have been too embarrassed, and it would be very expensive. Knowing that I can get these results at home, when I want to do them is just amazing to me.

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