4th of July Beauty Guide

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We all know that sun protection is important, but when we are attending a cookout,going to a friends house we forget about the sun. Just because you aren't on the lake, or beach doesn't mean you aren't experiencing the damage of the sun. These are a few of my favorite sunscreens that I have been using over the past few months.

Don't forget to apply the top of your ears,back of your hands and the top of your feet especially if you are wearing sandals. These are some of the places we forget and get the most burnt.

MyChelle Sun Shield Coconut Spf 28-$17 at mychelle.com
I wear this product under my makeup, even if I am just wearing a BB Cream or Bare Minerals Powder.

Sun Bum SPF 70 (water resistant for 80minutes)-$7.99 at Ulta.com
Although I don't go out into the water I love that it is water resistant for 80minutes. I also like to wear this all over when I know we are going to be out in the heat.

Coola Cucumber Face SPF 30-$32 at Sephora.com
Wow, can I just say how amazing this product is. I love this before my makeup also, but it is great for touch ups or if I am not wearing makeup. I can even get my husband to put this on his big bald head and ears. We love Coola in our household!

Jurlique After Sun Replenishing Lotion-$36 at Sephora.com
This lotion is thick, and moisturizing it feels amazing on your skin. Even if you aren't sunburned but you are feeling a little dry from the sun and staying in the pool too long. It is amazing, and left my skin feeling so moisturized!

 These are just some great items in general, however I thought even better for your Fourth of July beauty needs. This Nair is amazing because it just sprays on, similar to the popular spray on lotions. You leave it on, and then hop in the shower and rinse it off. I have used this for years and it works so great. I recommend this for your vacations,weekend getaways or anytime you are going to be showing skin that you might have not gotten the closest shave!

I love the idea of this Hair Lightening Gelee because I grew up using Sun In and loved it. This works in the same way only it is a gel like substance. You can put all over your hair, just for an ombre or highlights. You can put it on while you set out by the pool,by the lake and read a book. Then hop in the shower and rinse it off. The sun or heat (hairdryer) will activate it and make it lighter for that sun kissed highlight look.

I love not having to worry about deodorant when using this Dove Advanced Care. This is great to toss in your bag, and go. You can apply this before the big event, and not worry that the heat of the day will get to you. It is long lasting, and I like this original scent because it like you aren't wearing anything. It just does it's job and doesn't interfere with your perfumes or body lotions.

Nair Spray Away-$8.99 at Target.com
L'oreal Summer Lights- $6.49 at Target.com
Dove Advanced Care - $4.89 at Target.com

This Whish self tanner is amazing, and once you try it I can't imagine that you won't fall in love with it. It has given my legs the prettiest most natural tan that I can remember in a long time. Plus it smells like a coconut tropical drink so be prepared to fall in love with yourself, or to have other people falling in love with you. Don't say I didn't warn you!

This body blender by the brand Beauty Blender has made application so much easier. I avoid fake tanners sometimes because I look streaky or end up missing spots. Since getting this little beauty it works great to get between my fingers and toes. It works great to apply on the elbows,knees and around my ankles. I just wet it like I do my beauty blender, let it double in size and then apply the self tanner directly to it. I am sure to rinse it after I am sure my application is done. I highly recommend this if you love self tanner!

Whish Self Tanner-$30 at Ulta.com

Body Blender-$28 at Sephora.com

Last but not least be sure use a chapstick or lip product with SPF in it. I love this one from Sun Bum in Pink Grapefruit it really is moisturizing. It smells great, and has SPF30 in it which is amazing!

Sun Bum Pink Grapefruit Chapstick-$3.99 at Ulta.com

I hope you enjoyed all my Fourth of July Beauty items that I suggested for you. I know everyone has different plans from staying home and watching movies, to a big blow out festivity. I know a few ladies who are going on 4 day getaways and I hope at least one of them remembered to take sun block hehe

Have you tried any of these products? Got questions? Feel free to leave them down below in the comments!

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