The Body Shop-Shade Adjusting Drops

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The Body Shop-Shade Adjusting Drops
 Shade Adjusting Drops Lightening and Darkening $20 each online here!
The Body Shop-Shade Adjusting Drops

I know that this concept seems relatively new, and is popping up all over the beauty world. However, as a makeup artist I have been using different brands and products to lighten and darken foundations for clients and myself for years. So when I got the opportunity to review The Body Shop drops I had to give them a test run.

I think we have been there, and purchased a foundation without testing it and it has been almost the perfect shade. Whether we buy it from the store or online we just can't use it. The lightening drops will help you get the too dark shade to match your skin. It also helps neutralize too yellow foundations, which has been a huge help for me.

The darkening drops are something I have tossed into my kit and will use when clients have a skin tone that needs more warmth. I also love that these come with with a dropper so you can slowly build to the color that you need.

I take a few drops onto my metal mixing palette and a pump of my foundation and mix together. I am bringing back some foundations that I was too lazy to return, and was waiting for my summer tan before I could use it.

Have you tried these shade adjusting drops? What is your favorite way to use?

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  1. Having fair skin, sometimes I'll pick up a foundation and it is still too warm or it's still too light. Products like these are exactly what I need!!!

  2. I've seen these around and want to try them hardcore!