How I Treat Adult Acne with ZapZyt!

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Acne Wash Cleanser
Pore Treatment Gel
Acne Treatment Gel
Pore Clearing Scrub

The Acne Wash Cleanser is very gentle, and great for those of us with sensitive skin. It did not leave my skin feeling dry and tight it actually felt clean. However, my favorite of the 2 has to be the Pore Clearing Scrub which I just focused on the center of my face. The next morning, my skin just looked cleaner, and my makeup applied better. I felt like it really got in and cleared out my pores. It is gentle enough for my sensitive skin, but aggressive enough to clear out my pores.

I used the Acne Treatment Gel on some large spots of acne that seemed to appear overnight. The next morning the inflammation had gone down tremendously, and by the second day they were almost completely gone. I will say I noticed a slight drying in the areas where I reapplied the gel. I say slight because after applying moisturizer, and my makeup it wasn't something I focused on or really noticed once my makeup was on.

If you have large pores, and oily skin you know it seems like some products just don't absorb into your skin. This pore treatment gel is made to fight through the oil, to help prevent breakouts. I usually wear a full face of makeup, and sometimes those products clog my pores and cause breakouts. After using these products as part of my routine, I did not experience any new breakouts. I am in my 30's and sometimes I wake up with new breakouts and don't know why. 

I am happy to say that after using these products, as part of my skincare routine I am experiencing clear skin, day after day. If that time comes and I do break out I know the treatments will help clear them up quickly, and diminish the appearance until they are gone completely. 

Have you tried ZapZyt?

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  1. Super curious about the pore clearing scrub as I have the hardest time getting anywhere with my enlarged pores. I'll have to possibly give this a try!

  2. Great review! I love the Acne Treatment Gel! 😊