New from Beauty Junkees

Beauty Junkees is back at it again with new products. Not only these magnetic palettes, but the shadows,blushes and a highlighter are all from Beauty Junkees!

New from Beauty Junkees
Shadows start at just $6 each, and you can buy the empty pan for just $19.97
New from Beauty Junkees
What can I say that these swatches don't? Beauty Junkees has done it again, I already stock my personal and pro kit with their brushes. Now I have 2 amazing magnetic palettes to use instead of Z-palette. Plus, I have all of these beautiful shadows that I used in my bridal kit. If you are looking for a comparison for this whole line I would say MAC. These products are going to be something you can take day to night, from subtle to dramatic. I am beyond impressed with these shadows and I am so happy that Beauty Junkee's continues to grow!

Beauty Junkee's blushes are $8 each or $14.97 for a blush and highlight duo!
 I am going to be honest, I put these directly into my bridal kit. These blushes are beautiful,pigmented and long wearing. I had a bridal trial that I tested these out on and everyone loved them. Twilight Dream was used on all 3 of my clients it's subtle but that healthy pink glow. You can compare these to MAC blushes, they are definitely going to be timeless products.
This highlight is pink with an icy hue. It looks natural, without glitter or shimmer. I was able to also use this on my client and it didn't change her makeup or look ghostly in pictures. This is the highlight for people who work professional jobs and/or just don't feel they need to direct incoming planes with their beaming face. I love a dramatic highlight that is why I love that you can get both from just this 1 Pink Parfait Highlight.

Be sure to check them out on Amazon or on their website! 

Thank you to Beauty Junkee's for sending these products for review consideration. These opinions are my own, and 100% honest! 

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  1. Those colors are so beautiful!! Plus, I love having other options other than Z-Palette if i'm being honest!!

  2. I have just started to play with mine. I'm beyond thrilled with the choices they have come out with. I'm with you, the blushes are just stunning too!