New Eyewear for Spring!

Light Tortoise Wayfarer Glasses with my prescription $49.95

This is the fourth pair of glasses I have gotten from Eye wear Insight and I love every pair. They are stylish, but affordable because I actually need glasses they aren't just a fashion accessory for me. Even with insurance my last pair of glasses from my eye doctor was over $150 and I wasn't in love with them.

Don't worry they have glasses for men,women,kids and you can buy them without prescription  if you just love the look. You can also buy affordable prescription sunglasses off their website, which if you have ever had them you know finding a deal is next to impossible.

Be sure to check out Eye wear Insight for your next eye wear purchase! 

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  1. Love those glasses! I am all about having a good assortment of glasses! Call me crazy, but I love to mix them up with my looks! They're basically accessories just like jewelry and handbags to me!