Greenies Breath Buster Bites-Review

by - 12:47 PM

 Greenies Breath Buster Bites- 1.2oz size is only $2.49 online at

This was actually the perfect size for my chihuahua's because they are picky eaters. If there is ever a "try me" size, I always grab that first whether its food or treats. They are not huge fans of dental treats that taste like dental treats so I just knew they wouldn't like these.

However, I am happy to report they ate every single treat in that bag within a few days. I split the treat for my smaller chihuahua and gave the whole treat to the bigger one and they are the perfect fit for both. We are big fans of the Greenies brand in our house anyways so these are the perfect addition. 

My older and little bit heavier chihuahua enjoyed that she wasn't limited on these because of calories either. She can still fit into her Halloween Costume and enjoy her Greenies!

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