Sephora WARM Pro Palette - Tutorial and Review

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Sephora Pro Warm Palette- $68 online at Sephora or in store!

 Just a few of the textured shadows without primer, and only 1 swipe from pan to my hand!

The 2nd from last shadow is the only 1 in the entire palette that wasn't as pigmented as I had hoped. However, if you use it to layer ontop of another shadow or pigment you get a beautiful rose gold finish. 
These are just a few of the matte shadows, I wanted to show you how pigmented they are. The black in this palette is the darkest,matte black that I have ever used. Although these swatches are shown with me using my finger, I promise you that a brush gives you just as much pigment if not more! 

I absolutely adore this palette, if you are looking for 1 palette to splurge on that will work for you ever single time this is the palette for you. There are enough shadows to create great that perfect day look and take it into a night look with ease.

Please know that these shadows are very pigmented and do have a little kickback or fall out. However, you need to only tap your brush into each shadow gently to get color payoff. Go light handed with these, you don't have to build them or apply several times to get the color you see in the palette.

This is the look I created (with no primer or base to show you the true color) using the warm palette. I used the warm brown to build up my crease, and then the beautiful cranberry color I swatched in the palette all over the lid. I took that matte black and gentle tapped my brush into it and placed it in my crease. I took those same colors except the black.

If you have any questions that I did not touch on please email me, or leave them in the comments below!  Have you tried this palette or any of the other Sephora Pro palettes out yet? I am in love, and can't wait to pick up the other palettes!

PR Sample, all reviews are honest and my own!

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  1. This palette is gorgeous and the colors are super pigmented! I am so impressed with the quality of the palette! You look gorgeous!

  2. Such a gorgeous look. If I hadn't just spent $65.00 on the new Huda palette I would consider picking this one up hehe.

  3. Wowwww girl! Such a gorgeous look! This palette sounds pretty awesome. A little kickback never bothers me. ;)