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  I am so happy to share with you these amazing products from EndureLash!
Organic Drying Cloth-$25.10 online here!
"Designed with a unique fabric weave and spin that provides minimal shedding, no snagging or pulling, and fewer lost lashes."

This cloth is amazing for anyone who wears eyelash extensions, and needs a gentle way to groom and dry their lashes. I find that it works great for my natural lashes as well, after I remove my eye makeup with the Endure Lash Makeup Remover cloth (shown below) I dry my lashes and eye area off with the drying cloth.

Endure Lash Organic Eye Makeup Removal Cloth- $25.10 online here!
  "Designed to help remove eyeshadow and eyeliner without snagging, pulling or shedding into your eyelash extensions."

Using this eye makeup removal cloth, to remove all my eye makeup, helps protect the gentle skin around my eyes and my lashes. I buy organic cotton pads to use on my eyes to remove makeup, so it only makes sense to have something that I can reuse again and again. I love the makeup removal cloth and follow up with the drying cloth. My lashes are long and strong, and no empty spots where my lashes have fallen out.

If you spend time and money on lash extensions why not invest in yourself and maintain those lashes a little longer. I mentioned that I don't have extensions but I had an issue with my lashes breaking off and falling out because I wasn't giving special attention to my lashes.

Have you tried Endure Lash? Let me know your favorite thing about it!

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