Maintaining 21 Days of Positivity 1 Month Later!

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Last month I did a post sharing with you how I was joining Pamprin and taking 21 days and making positivity a habit! It has been a great change, not only am I more positive to others but I have been a better friend to myself.

These are 8 simple steps to make Positivity part of your everyday life! I took these ideas and altered them a little to fit more of my lifestyle. Like I didn't do daily affirmations in the mirror. I did try to stop myself when I began a negative thought or talk. Instead of immediately thinking of why the day was going to go wrong, or be a bad day I thought of why it was going to work out.

I also made sure to only surround myself with positive people, and positive things. I deleted social media apps off my phone that brought me down. I deleted contacts in my phone (messages) that always bring drama. I am spending more quality time with my husband, and my 2 doggos they are my "people". I am not perfect nor is my life but nothing good comes from dwelling on the bad in life. I have also always been a person to bring joy to myself *Day 6*. I am who I am, I love makeup and beauty so I treat myself often.
It's so easy to get caught up in the drama in life. So I have been making it a point to compliment people when I have a genuine compliment. I noticed a cashier's nail art and complimented we talked for 5 minutes about how much we love YouTube videos. Our waitress had amazing brows, I told her I was envious and she gave me the name of her girl. I recently upgraded my phone and the girl helping me asked me what eye shadow I was wearing and I instantly asked her about her lashes. These were all genuine interactions, that in a small way might make your day or their day a little better.

As a female we are sometimes very critical of each other. Not when I am around, I will shut it down or walk away. It is very important to continue my positive way of life that I don't let negative talk live within me.

I need Multi Symptom or else you probably would think all of this positive talk was a lie. I really do notice a difference with my irritability and headaches during that time of the month. I use to think I just had to suffer because there wasn't anything strong enough to help. I am so happy I got the opportunity to team up with Pamprin and test these products out!

Did you know? Pamprin Multi-Symptom has the same strength as Extra Strength Tylenol PLUS the added benefits of fighting against bloating and irritability.

This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own - Make sure to link to

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