Gift Guide - GoDog Holiday Santa Dragon

by - 7:55 PM

GoDog Holiday Santa Dragon- $17.84 online here!

I have two small chihuahua's, but somehow my smallest being 7lbs can destroy any toy he is given. That is why we love Go Dog toys in our house. Not only am I not having to clean up after him and his toys he has ripped apart. I feel like these toys are a great investment because he still has GoDog toys he received last year. This santa dragon is just adorable, and will make any dog on your list very happy. In my family we not only buy everyone gifts, we buy their cats and dogs something special also.

They immediately started fighting for the dragon Santa when it arrived. If you have a dog that is rough on toys, try out GoDog! They make toys in small and large for every breed. Be sure to add this toy to your must have list this Holiday Season.

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Thank you to GoDog for providing product for review!

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