This Weeks Beauty Spotlight Posts-Must See

by - 9:09 AM

Balancing the microbiome is no longer just for gut health. A healthy microbiome that sits atop your skin helps keep your skin's barrier strong and helps improve the look of wrinkles and enlarged pores as well as balances excess oil. Never Say Die Beauty has been trying brand new MicroBiome Night Mask from City Beauty that encourages good skin bacteria.

Pammy Blogs Beauty updates her skincare routine for the New Year with favorites from MyChelle Dermaceuticals!

Lola's Secret Beauty Blog is head over heels in love with MyChelle Refining Sugar Cleanser. It is worthy of holy grail status because it has a creamy lather, it gently exfoliates, thoroughly cleans, it never strips the skin, and it leaves it soft, smooth, supple and hydrated! Plus it has a luscious vanilla aroma that is utterly delectable.

Marcia and Lisa from Beauty Info Zone have been exploring the great waterless cosmetics from Pinch of Colour. See what they think of the Waterless Tint foundation/highlighter.

Heather over at Crazy Beautiful Makeup on Instagram is sharing new goodies she picked up from Elf Cosmetics, including a new Cannabis Sativa Face primer for only $8!

 Be sure to check out all these amazing posts from these lovely ladies!

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