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If you are intrigued by experimenting with some new makeup trends? If so, why not give lash extensions a chance? According to a lot of beauty gurus, they are going to be huge and popular in 2020. Here, you will learn all there is about this beauty treatment, and you’ll have all of your questions answered, just keep on reading.

Top 7 Facts About Lash Extensions

1. They Are For Everyone

Every woman no matter her age can get a set of lash extensions. They are done with a pair of tweezers, needles, as well as a sturdy lash glue. Once placed down, they can last for weeks to come! Luckily, they are suitable and wearable by women at the age of 16, and going all the way up to 60! Lash extensions will suit any event, which is why so many different women love to get them. They are wearable to everyday events (if you work at the office), to classes (if you are still in college) or if you are a bride to be! Have no fear, and enjoy knowing the fact that they are safe to wear.

2. They Are Low Maintenance 
Low maintenance women prefer lash extensions over any other lash treatment. This is because they are a quick & easy treatment and very easy to take care of. As long as you are not allergic to the lash glue or lash extensions you will safely and freely enjoy wearing them. In fact, the only upkeep and maintenance rules are:
Don’t use oils on top of them
Stay away from mascaras, especially waterproof kinds
Use a mild cleanser to wash your face and your lashes
Use a spoolie to comb them through morning and night

3. Their Application Is Super Easy

If you are an impatient person and you want things done quickly and easily you will like the simplicity of lash extensions as well as their application. They are applied at a salon with sterile and clean equipment, and the whole thing takes less than 60-90 minutes to do (depending on your preferred outcome). During this period you will have to lay down and still on a table with your eyes shut. Don’t peak since you may end up getting some lash glue in your eye. Your lash esthetician will apply your lashes one by one on top of your natural lashes. This does not hurt and you may feel relaxed during those 60 minutes.

4. They Can Survive Extreme Conditions 

Are you someone who is into a variety and you only crave for long-lasting outcomes and treatments? If so, you’ll be happy to know that lash extensions can survive extreme weather and everyday conditions. In fact, lash extensions are water-resistant and waterproof, as well as cry proof and smudge-proof. You can freely wear them when off to your summer vacation, when off to the pool, or even when tanning! Lash extensions can survive it all, and you can be safe and sound in any given situation!

5. You Can Get Them On A Monthly Basis

If you don’t mind maintaining your luscious outcome, know that you will have to come back to the salon every 3-4 weeks. Each time you come back, you can ask for a different outcome. For instance, you can wear a short and wispy lash for the first two weeks, but you can ask for a drastic mink fill up the second time you come back. Lash extensions are customizable per your preference and your eye shape as well as your natural lash type. You can play around with them every here and there till you finally find your preferred style.

6. They Will Speed Up Your Morning And Makeup Routine 

You will speed up your get-ready routine by a lot. Imagine not applying your false lashes, mascara, or even not curling them with an eyelash curler every day! This means prettier lashes the moment you wake up! You won’t even need to reach for your eyeliner, yet you will still adore the outcome. Grab 20 more minutes of your beauty sleep and look as rested as never before.

7. They Are Sturdier Than Any Other Lash That You’ve Had Before

Lastly, know that you will enjoy lash extensions better than any other lash type. Why and how? Well, think of it like this. Mascara can smudge, but your extensions won’t. Also, your strip on lashes will easily unglue once they get exposed to some water or humidity, while you can freely swim with your 
 extensions. In the end, they are definitely worth your investment, time & money!

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