Nabla Angel Aura Radiant Plumping Serum

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Nabla Angel Aura

Nabla Angel Aura Radiant Plumping Serum $30 online at

This is a serum primer that gives your skin a radiant finish, and plumps the skin. It can be used before the foundation or mixed in with a foundation to give it more of a hold. I have noticed after using this for a few weeks that my skin does feel softer. I don't know about plumping but I think the ingredients do moisturize and that makes me skin look and feel better.

This does have a beautiful yet subtle glow to it, so you could use it on the high points of your face after your makeup or as the last step in your skincare for a glow. I am really enjoying this after using it for awhile I was unsure when I first got it but it took a few wears to really see that it was doing something great for my skin.

nable angel aura

I am a sucker for packaging, but this is not just beautiful to look at it works great. I do have oily to combination skin that is acne prone. I have not had any issues with this making me break out, creating excess oil or clogging my pores. I am really enjoying this product and if you are looking for something to hydrate, and give you a sublte glow and plump try this product out!

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