One/Size Cosmetics Lip Snatcher

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one size

One/Size Cosmetics was so kind to gift me this Lip Snatcher $28 in shade Joelapuss!
One side is matte and the other is glossy and let me tell you the gloss is so sparkly when it hits the light you will fall in love lol  
You can wear them a lone or together I find they last longer when not worn together but both ways they are so stunning. I want to pick up their new liner to see how it pairs with this and if it extends the wear time anymore. 

one/size cosmetics

Here are the swatches, look at that sparkle! If you like the wet glossy lip with shimmer this is for you. I don't have any issues with this being sticky or getting on my teeth. I am so happy they sent this to me but I will definitely be picking up more shades!


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