The Beautiful People:An Interview with Letitia Laura

This week I got the chance to interview the beautiful and talented Letitia Laura, Enjoy!

1. Have you always been into makeup as much as you are now, or did You tube increase your need for all things beauty? (does   you tube make you an addict?)
Well I started wearing makeup for ballet recitals at the age of seven. I always loved getting dressed up, putting on false lashes and pretending I was a fairy princess when I was a little girl. I have always loved how makeup can transform a person.

2. Where do you find inspiration when doing your makeup, hair, and fashion?
I love to look at magazines, celebrities and runway looks.

3.Is there a celebrity that you would like to steal their look?
I would love to steel Kate Winslet's look! She is naturally beautiful and makeup only brings that    out.Her sense of style and fashion is amazing!

4.Is there a celebrity that you would like to do a makeover on? Who and why?
Hmmm......this is a tough one! Ha ha! Well, I think I would like to makeover Lindsay Lohan. I would give her a beautiful peaches and cream makeup look to compliment her skin tone, dye her hair to it's original red with a sophisticated layered shoulder length hairstyle and dress her in a cream colored suit with some stylish heels.

5.Do you have a Holy Grail makeup item? Holy Grail Beauty item (lotion, perfume ,hair product?)
My holy grail makeup item is my mally beauty evercolor poreless face defender. Try it! I can guarantee you will never go back to translucent powder ever again in your life! Its that brilliant!

6.Is there a beauty trend that you just don't understand or you will never follow?
I would never dye my hair any crazy color. I have seen smurf hair, hot pink hair, green hair. I just don't get it. I love my brunette hair! I like to keep it classy:)
 7.Is there something you could tell us about yourself that might surprise us or that we might not know just from your videos/blog?
I sing arias in German, French and Italian. My number one love in life is music and the arts. I was privileged to sing at Carnegie Hall with my high school choir when I was 15. We performed John Rutter's "Te Deum." It was a life changing experience I will never forget.

8.How did you get started with doing You Tube? What made you want to start filming?
I was on the web one day and I did a search for pinup makeup looks. That is when I saw a video by Pixiwoo. I was immediately hooked. I watched every single video they had on their page. That's when I first discovered the beauty community and I was immediately hooked! I then decided to make a video just for fun and now I am blessed to have over 1600 amazing subscribers!

 9.Can you tell us what music you like to listen to when you’re getting ready What musician or songs you enjoy listening to when you’re doing hair and makeup? 
I love Vivaldi, Bach, Scarlatti. I love classical music. Don't get me wrong I listen to everything. I love Pink, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Tiesto, Adele. Depends on what mood I'm in?

10.Do you have any advice for anyone who is interested in starting a beauty you tube channel?
If you start a channel do it because you love it, be yourself and don't go into it for the wrong reasons. I truly love and have so much fun doing tutorials, hauls, reviews. 

11.Do you have any tips for people who are aspiring makeup artist?
Actually I do! I am a freelance makeup artist. Start off slow. You don't need high end makeup to start off with. You can buy a whole     bunch of elf, wet n' wild until you can build your kit. Talk to different photographers and ask them if you can do makeup for free in exchange for photos. You need to build your portfolio and this is a great way to do it and get your name out there. Watch youtube videos! Ha ha! Seriously! You can learn so many great tips!

12.Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (life, career, you tube etc.) I see myself being a successful nurse. Oh I forgot to mention I am a nursing student. I would love to finally move out of Texas. As far as youtube we shall see. I really love it, but only time will tell..... 

Is there anything else you would like to add? Huge hugs and lipstick kisses! Xoxo...

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