Going from Platinum to Brown Hair at Home

I am not a professional, I am just an at home hair Do It Yourselfer :) So please take this as what worked for me and only,ONLY try this if you have experience with what works on your hair.

First I started out with Platinum almost White hair that has been dyed from a box this shade for years. I am however naturally a dirty blonde so my roots were being touched up every 3 weeks. I use to have long thick dirty blonde/dark blonde hair forever, until I got the bleach blonde urge.

I wanted to give my hair a rest and dye it back to it's original color and just let it be for hopefully the next few months.Here is what worked for me going from platinum blonde to dark blonde or light brown at home.(This is the process to get light brown or dark blonde, I fell in love with my hair much darker when I dyed it so I kept the dark auburn hair and I will tell you how to what I used to get this too) This is also a helpful tutorial if you have dyed your hair from blonde to brown and it turned green/khaki/grey and you want HELP!Just start this process like you hadn't dyed it and this will save your tresses.

1.Condition your hair for a week leading up to this process you don't want your hair to break off.
2.If you live near a Sally Beauty or Beauty Supply go buy Protein Pack for your hair and use it a day or 2 before you plan on dyeing it.
3.Going darker won't kill your hair as much as going lighter will but it still isn't filling your hair with sunshine and sprinkles.
4.Going from blonde to dark blonde sounds easy peasy, but it is a 2 step process.
5.You must first go red to add the brassy red tones back to your hair that you have worked for years to get rid of with all your might.
6.I bought a dark auburn hair dye, if you aren't wanting dark brown hair please buy a Fire Engine red hair dye almost orange because you cannot lift dark brown hair with a box without bleaching it. So for light brown hair or dark blonde buy BRIGHT red,fiery red,orangey red hair dye for your first step because you can make it darker so don't worry. 
I left the Auburn dye on my hair for 40-45minutes starting with my ends because they are more damaged and get less oils. I completely saturated my ends and then worked my way up, I also added a little water to the empty bottle of dye and rewet my ends after about 10 minutes. The ends of my hair don't like to take color because they are a little more dry than the rest of my hair.
(Hayley Williams of Paramore is the example for orangish hair
 not my photo-no copyright intended )
(You want it to be this shade to get the brassy tone back into your hair preferably without the highlights but its okay it will give your hair depth.
7.Then pick out a box of hair dye that your desired shade,my original shade was Medium Blonde 8 by Clairol Nice and Easy Color Blend Foam 
8.I fell in love with my Auburn hair but thought let me just try this foam and see what it does. It did nothing to my hair however for me this product was AWFUL. It stinks so bad I think I killed any brain cells I had left, it burned my forehead after about 10 minutes. It wasn't messy,but it was an odd application squeezing the foam from the bottle instead of pumping. It didn't change my hair color at all which is okay for me because I love the auburn.  However it is 10bucks and that's totally a lip gloss I could have bought :)

9. If your hair is the orangey bright red it will take the dark blonde/brown shade and make your hair a beautiful natural looking shade. I did this last year and it worked perfectly. I kept it for about 6 months before I went back blonde,then eventually platinum, again.

My hair turned out to look like this after one box. This is the color I am sticking with for now and hopefully when it starts fading it doesn't require me dying it again heh.

So if I confused you, I am sorry and hopefully this will help you. I always dye my hair blonde in the fall and dark in the summer which is opposite for most girls. I hope you enjoy and you know that if you have any questions please ask! 

Do you have any hair dying disasters? I have been to stylist and gotten worse hair cuts and dye jobs than I have given myself. I payed 80bucks for apparently a Kate Gosselin when I wanted a Posh hehe live and learn 

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  1. Ok so I have platinum bleached and toned blonde on top and light brown mynatural underneath I got a box dye dark blonde colorsilk and its grayish green on top by following these instructions I can get my hair back to a normal dark.blonde lite brown color for sure

    1. i am not a hair professional, but I have used Vitamin C to rinse my hair and it helps get some of the dye off the hair. Then you can apply a Natural Blonde shade, to avoid orange and brassiness. If it's just part of your hair you can always highlight and just hit the part that has a green tinge. I know a few companies sell Brass Free hair dye so you can look for those.

  2. Where is your final color? That looks like Ashley Simpson.

    1. Yeah, that's Ashlee Simpson her hair color was at the time my exact color and the color you get when following these instructions ...Good eye though