Nars Danmari Palette Dupes?

ELF Gotta Glow (which is also a great dupe for Albatross by Nars),Candid Coral,Pink Passion,Elf Bronzer Duo,Berry Merry

Hungry Heart Duo I,Orgasm,Desire,Casino, Super Orgasm, Sin

ELF above and Nars below

Nars DanMari Cheek Palette is an amazing palette and I am in love with Nars products in general. However, I get a lot of questions about cheaper dupes for Nars. So as you know I am a huge fan of ELF and I am always looking for great cheaper products. Are these blushes exact dupes? No, they are not but if you have $18 not $65.00 to spend on 6 blushes go for these.

Sorry for the terrible swatches it's late and my lightening is off for pictures. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have found any Nars blush Dupes!

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  1. Wow, the bottom rows in particular look very similar. Great post as always!

  2. Yeah they are not 100percent but they are all great colors! I love the ELF Pink Passion a lot.

  3. I love nars too! But Elf has a lot of great blushes that are kinda similar, great when you are on a budget! I think I have 6 elf blushes lol I don't need more!
    Great dupe post!