Remington Ceramic Curling Wand-Review

I bought this wand over the holidays and let me tell you it was a really hard to get my hands on. My sister and I were shopping fools and we searched online to see if it was in any stores and they were sold out within 100 miles of me. Not only sold out of this curling wand but any curling wand at all even the $100 and above wands.

So I checked because the 2 Target stores we had been too did not have anything at all. They showed that about 20 minutes away at a Super Target they had a few different selections in stock. So we just  made a day of it and went shopping out in that area of town. I was lucky because they not only had 1 style but like 5 styles. I went with this one

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It cost me $24.99 and it included the hot glove which is a nice addition. It goes up to 410 degrees which heats up super fast and there really is no waiting around. I watched a few you tube videos on How To Curl Your Hair with a Curling Wand, but what really worked for me was just playing around with it. I had to find my groove and what worked for me because my hair is medium length and does not like to hold a curl.

I am in absolute love with this item and it gives me hair the pretty Victoria's Secret waves or beach waves whatever I want. The other products that I have been using that seem to be working great are..

Dove Damage Therapy Extra Hold Aerosol Spray $3.99 or less
This holds my curls even for my hard to curl hair, and the curls are still there in second day hair. It holds without the crunchy hair, or making your hair stiff and it doesn't flake off. It also has a nice smell and you don't feel like your brain cells are dying every time you spray it.

Aussie Anti-frizz cream $3.99 
Aussie Split-End Protector $3.99 or less

I just take either of these products usually whichever one I grab first and smooth over my curls especially on the ends. It just keeps flyaway's and split ends smooth and gives you a finished look. 

So tell me have you given in to the curling wand craze or are you a curling iron user through and through?
Tell me what your tips are for using the curling wand...

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  1. ugh I know what you mean about them being so expensive! I decided to try out the conair one.. I haven't gotten the whole wrapping it around the barrel yet unfortunately! haha :-P I really wanted one that was all the same length .. oh well mine was like 35 bucks or something. I really like aussie products but I'm such a sucker for new products or if I see something on sale.. so i forget about good ol'aussie ha ha

  2. I know I am a sucker for new products too, then I forgot about all the other stuff in my beauty closet hehe.

    The trick for me that worked was just wrapping it around the middle to the end and not all the way up to the biggest part and curling away from the face. I had all types of crazy curls before that hehe

  3. I was really wondering about this! But I purchased a Cortex one recently and holy eff I love it!!it was well worth the $100 for the 4 different sizes it came with.
    It's crazy how differeent these things curl hair compared to a flat iron and curling iron!

  4. I know, I love this curl a lot. The curling iron gives me a pageant hairdo everytime heh

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