My Interview with Olivia Black from Pawn Stars

I recently got the opportunity to interview the beautiful Olivia Black from The History Channels Pawn Stars. Being a total girl when she was introduced I immediately loved her fashion,her hair and makeup.She has a vintage glamour look and I liked her from the get go. Here is the interview and a few pictures, I hope you enjoy it!

1. If you would introduce yourself, tell us a little about Olivia Black : I am a unique 20 something year old. A makeup artist and hairdresser at heart and a bit crazy haha  
2,Is there a celebrity dead or a live that inspires you? Perhaps in fashion,lifestyle,makeup, or in any way?  I feel I am parts of a few iconic ladies, Stevie Nicks, Audrey Hepburn,Jacki O,Sarah Jessica Parker and a dash of Kat Von D. I like to think of myself as a classic, hippie, dark fashionista.If that makes any sense.

 3.Tell us when did your interest in makeup/beauty begin? What made you want to go to school for cosmetology?
I'm not really sure as to what made it begin per say, I come from a very artistic family on my mothers side, they sing, paint, play music, write; the works. I just remember when I was 11 I started colouring my hair and wearing makeup behind my parents back. (School Bus Applications ahahah) Then when I was around 13/14 I foiled a friends hair in her kitchen. I would read and watch everything having to do with hair and makeup. I always felt it
was my own version of art. My canvas is the actual Human.
4.What type of music do you listen to when you are getting ready for the day or night? It all depends on my mood. Music is such a huge part of my life. My friends call me itunes and depend on me for all things music. I love my Sirius radio and listen to XMU a lot, but I listen to  everything from bluegrass, country, folk, blues, R&B, Motown, Classical; I try to cater my music to how I feel or how I want to be feeling. Whether it be all smiles or laying in bed with the whoas.
5.Can you share with us your skincare routine? Your go to skin care products? Because you always look flawless in all your photos! Awe!! Thank you!!! I use Cetaphil to wash away my make up with the clarisonic, I use honey to wash it after that. I struggle with acne so I use pure tea tree oil from Trader Joe's. You wet a cotton square and put two drop on it. If you make the mistake of using it full strength like I did it buuuuuuurrrrrrrrrnnnnnssssss. Then I use Nuetrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream. I use a separate one for day and night, SPF during the day and an intense cream at night. In the mornings (because I make sure to wash my face every night) I only rinse my face and add my daily moisturizer. 

6.Do you have any Holy Grail makeup items?  That you always go back to? I have become such a non label junkie when it comes to makeup that I have a massive storage container full of everything under the sun. If you ask me every week what is my favorite it will never be the same.....I can't commit!!! I have been using this one blush for ages, since I was 15/16 I think. It's just Cover Girls Iced Plum, but the colour is my favorite!!! That one I committed too! ha For light weight summer foundation, to use for the beach, parks, things of that nature I've been turning to Cover Girl Nature Luxe, if I want to use a tinted moisturizer instead I go for Laura Mercier, I used to LOVE Mac's Fluid Liner, then I found Maybelline's Eye Studio and it trumps Mac!!! It goes on so much more smooth. I rarely have a problem doing my eyeliner and if I do it's more operator error. I am always searching for "The Perfect" Mascara....I have yet to find it. I wear multiple coats of multiple brands to achieve different looks. On days I want the Classic Pinup I use Bare Minerals Flawless Definition first,Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express second, and Loreal Double Extend last just on the outer corner of my lashes. I have extremely long thick lashes so I can get away with creating a dramatic look without fake lashes....don't get me wrong though...I love me some fake lashes!!!!! It's just with the length of my lashes plus those and my glasses I can barely open my eyes with out them getting stuck on/to my lenses haha
7.Anyone who has watched the show has seen you have some amazing tattoo's. Is that another artistic way you like to express yourself? (Besides hair,makeup,fashion,piercings) Yes, I feel that if we are stripped of everything, our lives, our clothes, our voice; our skin can tell our entire life story. When something happens in my life I get a tattoo. For example, I have nearly my entire body planned since I intend to get a full body suit, so when I go this job and my life began to change I wanted to make sure I stayed grounded, learned what ever lessons I needed to learn and always remember what this was all like. I have always planned to get a Blue Heron on my left leg as my tribute tattoo to my Dedy (grandfather) who passed when I was 6. He was and is a huge influence in my life. I was very very close with him before he passed. I think of how we were then, and how everyone says he was as an adult and imagine how he would react to things I do now. I will always grade myself on my idea of what would have been his idea; so that tattoo I did for myself in April and finished it in June. 
8.Do you have any health or fitness tips you would like to share with us? Do everything you can to burn calories, if I have the option of steps, I take them. No questions asked. I park closest to the parking lot exit, one so I don't have to deal with parking lot traffic and two to walk to the store. I don't have children, so I can take the space in the back. I cook on Sunday's for myself, I am single and live alone, so sometimes you really don't want to cook just for you; and you get take out. That's how I end up making horrible choices. So I take Sunday, cook a ton of food (for more than just the week) put it in personal sized containers and freeze half and leave the other half in the fridge. That way I have so many healthy simple meals on hand. I do pushups on my bathroom counter top every time I walk in there. (it's a lot) I also do squats 3 sets of 15 every time before I bathe. I drink a full bottle of water first thing in the am, before every meal, and before bed. I will not shrivel in this desert!

9.What are some of your favorite things to do, when you aren't working at The Pawn Shop? I have started going to open mics in the area, they have all sorts of interesting talent, some locals and some visiting. I read a ton, Patricia Cornwell has been my favorite author since I was 16. I take my dogs to the park, hike, escape to LA, DIY projects. Anything fun and positive to keep me motivated and happy! 

10.Do you have any new projects that are coming out? Is there anything else we can expect to see from you in the near future?  I am trying to get some new projects going but I am also getting settled in a new place so procrastination is taking over, but I am having an event; Olivia Black's Back to School Drive. My favorite place to relax is The Artifice, so I have teamed up with them and a ministry they support Casa De Luz in The Naked City (nearest the Stratosphere). This ministry helps the children of this area, they are known for being poor and having families addicted to drugs; so the ministry makes sure these Little Humans know they have a safe place there, they feed them, help with supplies for all occasions. Last year The Artifice had a Christmas Turkey and Toy drive, both drives brought in more than was needed so with encouragement be the elders at the center the kids donated the extras to another facility in need. I loved hearing all of this and decided to focus my energy on them specifically. During the entire month of August they will be accepting school supplies and on the 15th of August I will be hosting an event for the drive. For all of those who bring a supply you get a free shot. I'm not sure what the shot type is they decided on. The shop will also be accepting supplies towards my drive so people can just address them to me if sent either place. 
Pawn Shop 
713 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89101

1025 South 1st Street Las Vegas, NV 89101
 11.Being a TV personality, that also happens to be very pretty but someone that definitely has their own sense of who they are. Do you have any advice for girls who might feel the pressure to look,dress or act a certain way?  It took me a long time to be happy with who I am and actually know who that is, but I did it by paying attention. Making sure to see what it was that life was trying to teach me, not caring of someone doesn't "like" what I am. People are always going to be hateful, that has nothing to do with you. Once I realized that not a single person in this world is my competition I could handle anything. It took me a while to understand exactly what that meant then I got it, not one person is going to give me anything, they also aren't taking it. If I don't achieve what I wanted no one stopped my but me. If I am against another for the same thing and I don't get it the only thing I gave to that person was my confidence, and they didn't take it I willingly passed it over and stepped back. you can't please the world, it's wouldn't be fun if you could so as long as you stand by whole heartedly what you do then no one else matters. Fly your freak flags, be happy to be different and independent, you deserve it!

12.What brought you to Vegas ?  I moved out here 5.5 years ago in route to LA, clearly I'm still on my way there. I ended up realizing that Vegas wants me, it thinks I need to be here, so here I am not fighting it, and loving all of the wonderful things I have done. 

13.Did I read something about a line of Olivia Black Cosmetics? Where can we find this and what type of products will you have in your line? It's been a project I have been working on for 4 years now. There will be two lines, Olivia Black Cosmetics which will be the professional line that competes with Mac and such like that, then there will be DNA Cosmetics which will compete with Bare Minerals.

14.How has being on a reality TV show changed your life? So far not much other than learning to give up control haha, I know things will be getting very different shortly but thus far things thankfully have stayed pretty normal, other than having a fan base of course! haha 
15.Can you share an interesting fact about yourself? Maybe something that might surprise us?
 I had originally wanted to be the Chief Medical Examiner of New York City. I was going to join the Air  Force as an officer then get my PHD to later retire at around 45 and head to NYC to be the coroner. 
I want to thank you for doing this interview with me! I am very honored and as silly as it may sound I am a big fan of yours. Is there anything else you might like to add before we say goodbye? 
Thank you so much for interviewing me!! I loved it, I can't think of anything interesting to add, I have a mask on my face and olive oil and honey in my hair so I'm dripping now haha 

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