Beauty Sponge Showdown

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which beauty sponge is better? Beauty Blender?

which beauty sponge is better? Beauty Blender?
 As a makeup artist I get asked a lot about the beauty blender. Is it worth it, would I recommend it and if there are any dupes. I have tried pretty much every beauty sponge, so I can always give an honest answer. I went to Kohl's recently and found these Precisso Beauty Sponges and picked them up because well they looked promising. The Makeup Blender sponge for $2 was at the checkout when I went to Walgreens and you know I had to try it and test it.
which beauty sponge is better? Beauty Blender?
 This is each sponge before they are wet, similar in color and shape for the most part. 
Beauty Blender Bling Ring* set is $29 at
Precisso Sponge set of 2 is $10 at

 This is important so you can see how they react when being placed under water. When wet the original Beauty blender expands to about twice its normal size, you can see the same to be true for the Precisso Beauty sponge, but the Makeup Blender Sponge did not change at all.
which beauty sponge is better? Beauty Blender?
I could easily eliminate the Makeup Beauty Sponge because first it wasn't latex free, and it smelled like play doh even after mulitple washes. So the final two sponges are very similar and are both latex free. As a makeup artist I always try to only use things that are latex free. Sometimes clients don't even know they are allergic, so it's best to be safe than sorry.  They are both very soft but dense sponges. 

When wet they both grow in size, and become much softer and fluffy. However, the biggest difference I could tell with the sponges was that the Precisso sponge became too fluffy. The Beauty Blender becomes soft but still has shape and you are able to get every nook and cranny of the face. So who is the winner?

which beauty sponge is better? Beauty Blender?

Although, I was impressed with how the Precisso performed and how it applied makeup. It is not an exact dupe over the Beauty Blender. However, if you are looking for a more affordable beauty sponge that works I would say give them a try. I am sold on the original Beauty Blender and will continue to buy them for my kit. The Beauty Blender smooths out foundation, makes everything look seamless on the skin. There is not a lot of work that has to be put into the application when using the original Beauty Blender. I will say that I also own the Professional Beauty Blender (it's black) and it is my absolute favorite and it hides everything ehhe.

I chose these sponges because they looked like dupes for the beauty blender. I have a full review of the It Cosmetics Hydra sponge coming next week. I am trying to place an order for the Dior Backstage Blender but it is always sold out. I also love the Real Techniques sponge but it is more for contouring or at least that is what I use it for. 

What is your favorite beauty sponge? Do you use them?  Hope you enjoyed the review!

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