YSL Blur Perfector & Blur Primer Review

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YSL Blur Perfector & Blur Primer Review
I am so happy to be able to share with you these new beauties from YSL. They are the Touche Eclat Blur Perfector & Blur Primer. I got an email from Influenster to take a survey and see if I was eligible to get these products. I never heard anything from them, like I usually would, so I just assumed it wasn't happening. To my surprise it was laying at my doorstep one day, I was a very happy girl. My sister was visiting and as we were pulling in the driveway she said "does that box say YSL"? I barely got the car in park, before I jumped out and ran to see what it was. Don't worry no sisters were harmed in this story!

YSL Blur Perfector & Blur Primer Review
Touche Eclat Blur Primer 1oz for $52 at Nordstrom.com
Touche Eclat Blur Perfector 0.33oz for $55 at Nordstrom.com
YSL Blur Perfector & Blur Primer Review
This Blur Primer has gold flecks that you can see in the product but do not show up on the skin when rubbed in. This primer also contains 4 oils(corn oil, apricot oil, passiflora oil, and rice bran oil) which initially was a concern for me because well I am very oily in the summer. I don't want more oils on my face, so I was hesitant to try it out.

I took a pea sized amount and rubbed it into my skin and gave it about 30-45 seconds. I am so happy to report that it blended in completely. My skin felt soft but not a trace of oil or grease left on my skin. I did everything in my routine as usual. I immediately noticed that nothing was sitting under my eyes in the fine lines. All of my products blended in without issue, and even after a few hours of wear I didn't see any issues with oil.

I love this primer and when it comes time for me to buy a full size I will. However, this little bottle will last a very long time. I realized that I was using too much and cut back you still can't tell that I have used it every day. I find that the blur is true, because my pores and wrinkles are a lot less noticeable when I use this primer.

YSL Blur Perfector & Blur Primer Review
I also had some reservations about the Blur Perfector because of other balms that I have tried both high end and drugstore that promised similar effects. I used this as a mattifying touch up, because I know I could not wear this by itself, my skin would not allow for that.So after a day out I took out this beautiful palette and rubbed the sponge around in the product and tapped it onto my skin where it was oily.

This seriously went from a balm to a powder finish making my shine go away. I wanted to be right, I wanted this not to work because I know it's pricey. However, it works amazingly well and even on my oily skin it made it matte.I also want to add that this does not take off your makeup or make it shift around on your skin. Those were fears that I had as well but it seriously just touched it up like a powder but without leaving remains behind.

I love this Blur Perfector, and if you have dry skin this might be a better option for you than powder. If you want something to use to touch up your makeup. I think it would work really well for all skin types!

I highly recommend both of these products, and would suggest them to my clients as well.

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