SinfulColors Street Fusion

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SinfulColors Street Fusion can be found for $1.99 each at Walgreens!

Otaku Anime,Maroon Fine,Pink Ansen,Paste-erd,Fuji Fuji,Writing on the Wall 2 coats of each polish!

We already know that I love SinfulColors and that they are always coming out with fun new polishes. This collection came out in June, and being the bad blogger I am, I totally skipped over them.I went straight for their Fourth of July polishes and realized I never shared these fun colors,glitter and/or topcoats.

 We also know that I am no nail blogger(I am not worthy). I try and try to take great nail photos but they would scare you away. So you are getting to see these fun shades on my beautiful nail wheel. However, you are in luck that they are so pigmented that they show up great. You can see the shades and all the fun glitter with each shade..FujiFuji has to be my favorite I wear it over my favorite pink polish 24/7 also from SinfulColors.
 These adorable appliques are applied like any other one you have tried. Find the size that fits your finger, apply and simply file away the excess sticker. I have only used 2 of these because they were the accent nails. I am happy to report that they lasted a full week on my nails. That is through washing dishes,house cleaning,and just your everyday wear.  They also released a few other styles which are also very cute, like splash paint!

Have you tried any of these polishes or nail appliques from SinfulColors?
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