Go Dog Chew Guard Toys

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Go Dog Chew Guard Dog Toys Dragons & Dinosaurs
You can purchase online at amazon.com or at your local Petsmart & PetCo!

 (this is Dolly caught in the act)
To say it was a struggle to get any pictures of these toys is an understatement. The moment the box was sat in the house, they started chewing at the box trying to get into it. Dolly being a little bit bigger than her brother, was the first to break the tape on the box and together they pulled the toys out 1 by 1.  They LOVE these toys, and haven't picked up anything else since they arrived.

Not only are the absolutely adorable toys, they contain Chew Guard liner and double stitched seams for added durability. I may have 2 chihuahua's but I am throwing away dog toys all the time because they rip them apart all over the house. They have been working on the squeakers trying to rip them out, and so far no luck. This will keep them busy for awhile, and I love that I won't be cleaning up after them anytime soon!

 (please ignore the paper and tag they had torn off already)

I had to include this photo because as I stated before they took them out of the box without me giving them the toys to play with. They each claimed a blue dragon, and there has been an ultimate showdown over the other toy. If you have a dog that loves to play with toys, but hate cleaning up after their mess. Try out Go Dog with Chew Guard!

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PR Samples were provided for Dolly & Potter to test and review!

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