IVS Quick Bath Wipes-The Easy Way to Clean Your Pet!

by - 11:08 AM

International Veterinarian Sciences Quick Bath Wipes-5 pack Large Dogs

Made in the USA
  • Quickly clean before guests arrive
  • Keep dog clean between vet visits
  • Clean your dogs ears and face        
  • and much more

I have 2 small dogs, but the large wipe allows me to use 1 side for each dog. We have been visiting the dog park on weekends and this is perfect before letting them back into the car.  It is gentle, and does not irritate their eyes or skin and they smell amazing after and not at all like dogs who spent an hour playing outside.

If you are looking for a quick way to clean your pups, and to make sure they smell and look fresh these wipes would be great for them!

PR Samples sent for review consideration for the doggies!

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