Mother's Day Bath Bomb Giveaway with Aprilis Beauty

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Aprilis Bath Bomb Gift Set- $17.99 on
This beautiful aqua box, filled with 6 bath bombs will make the perfect gift!
Be sure to check out their giveaway on Facebook to enter to win in time for Mother's Day!

  • FIZZY & FUN: Fun and fizzy release excite your senses within seconds while enjoying the benefits of herbals and essential oils; enjoy a colorful bath time in the comfort of your own home.
  • • MUSCLE RELIEF & SKIN SOOTHING: Filled with moisturizing and skin-nourishing oils and butter; dissolves gentle bubbles of all-natural citric acid moisturizers that will relieve muscles, give you smoother skin, and relax your mind.
  • • PREMIUM QUALITY: 100% handmade, natural and organic; free of harsh chemicals and glitter; infused with essential oils for relaxing, fresh and clean scents; contains dried flowers to give you a soothing and spa-level experience.
  • • HEALTHY CHOICE: Contains premium ingredients for remarkable skin including green tea, milk, calendula, osmanthus, lavender and rose; citric acid bubbles deeply purify your skin and help prevent blackheads & acnes; soften scrubs, promote blood microcirculation and improve anti-aging effect; moreover, It will never stain your skin or your tub nor makes difficulties to have your tub cleaned.
  • • IDEAL GIFT SET FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Individually wrapped in delicate and exquisite gift packaging; makes a wonderful gift for your family or friends; ideal for birthdays, weddings, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and more
If you are looking to take a nice relaxing bath, without the worry of glitter and sparkles these are the bath bombs for you. The do include pieces of flowers, which easily wash away, but add to the relaxing ambience. 

They are wrapped individually in plastic inside this beautiful paper wrapping so they are fresh when you are ready to use them.
Pot Marigold Bath Fizz contains pieces of Marigold inside!

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